Tuesday, 10 May 2011


KBC Radio Taifa re-launched their breakfast show recently and the question on everyone’s lips is will this team make an impact? Well, it is up to the listeners to decide. The radio show on 92.9 KBC dubbed Zinga la Asubuhi comes every weekday from 5am to 10am with Bonny Musambi, Cynthia Anyango, Lijodi and Nyambane.

The Chairman of KBC Boards of Directors, Charles Muoki, The KBC MD, Waithaka Waihenya, The Minister for Information, Hon Poghisio and the Group Head of Radio, Mr. Walter Mongare Snr during the launch of Radio Taifa
Hot Secrets had a sit down with Walter Mongare also known as Nyambane who plays vitals roles for the station on and off air. On air he provides comic relief as the host, off air he takes on the coporate task as the head of radio. Here is his take on KBC’s new entry into the radio industry's breakfast segment and what the future holds in store for it.

What is new about the breakfast show?
For the first time KBC is doing personality driven by having Cynthia from Shaky FM Mombasa and Nyambane. The show has new jingles coupled with a new style of execution, new, new new. We have presented a new and variety packaging for the listener.

Who are the presenters on the show?
Bonny Musambi you know him from the Nuru soap advert, Cynthia Anyango, comedian Lijodi and my alter ego Nyambane

What should fans expect?
Fun and entertainment and above all accurate but credible news.

What was the show like before revamping it?
It was bila plan, bila identity and bila personalities, jingles and bites.
How is life as head of radio, generally?
It is challenging but rewarding an opportunity to grow products and relaunching others. So far, I have done Maasai and am launching three more stations in the next two months.

When you are not the boss at KBC what are you up to, projects etc?
Entertainment, emceeing and band and management. I also manage singer Linda Muthama's affairs which by the way is grown big time. She is doing the Safaricom Kenya Live tours as we speak as the official director and band trainer. The band backs Wyre, Wahu, Nameless, Juliani and Linda of course during the tours. Mine is to manage from a CEO point.

Anything else you would like to add?
KBC is the place to watch in terms of growth and creating more opportunities for talent in the media Industry. I have full support from the Management to the Board and of course the work force and the general public. I now have full understanding of what the public needs and what I have to offer. Nyambane's fans can finally celebrate that he is back on air and they can catch him on air and of course coming to a city near you.