Tuesday, 10 May 2011


In March this year, Trey Songz tweeted

This was after watching the documentary shot by BBC titled Famous, Rich and in the Slums. Soon after insults were hurled at the I Invented Sex singer.
I don’t want to get into the whole tomatoe, tomaytoe argument. But a group of people have united and come up with a hash tag initiative called #KiberaRoadTrip to push people to be part of the solution to change the poverty situation in Kibera.
Among them is Vision Africa a UK based children's charity working with orphaned and destitute children in Kenya. They provide food, clothing and educational resources. The programme extends to various building projects, including building school classrooms and whole facilities, such as special needs schools and children's homes.
According to Diasporical
The name (#KiberaRoadTrip) may be a misleading misnomer; the aim is not to tour the slums. What we want to do is to help people direct their efforts exactly where they are needed, to pair each person with a suitable cause so that we can all make a contribution towards bettering life in Kibera.
On the trip, we’ll get to meet some members of the Kibera community who will be able to explain the challenges they face in daily life. We will also see a community based project which is making a real difference to the lives of children from 4-19 years old through their resource centre which offers educational support and extra curricular activities as well as guidance and counseling. There will be plenty opportunity for discussion and to find out what difference YOU can make.

If you’re interested here is what you need to do on Saturday May 14 head out to Prestige Mall on Ngong Road at 10am and donate stationery (exercise books, pens, pencils), school text books (primary and secondary, second hand is ok), foodstuffs (Unga, sugar, cooking fat etc), bar soaps and petroleum jelly/Vaseline, shoes and clothes