Thursday, 12 August 2010


Controversial Tanzanian singer Ray C went all out and accused Kenyan CEO Saadat Muhindi of alleged sexual harassment. In an interview with Hot Secrets, Ray C said Saadat mixed business with pleasure and when she turned down his advances he cancelled her 10-tour deal of Kenyan towns and Sudan. The alleged claims took place in Dar Es Saalam in July when Saadat had gone to research the market for his yet to be launched energy drink, Dash.

Commenting on the allegations Sadat rubbished her claims asking, “Then if her claims hold any water, why then did she come to Kenya a month and a half later after my visit to Tanzania? Why did her boyfriend Lord Eyes come with her if he knew the girlfriend was been sexually harassed? And as you know I paid for both the tickets. Are those actions of someone who has ulterior motives?”
Ray C had been contracted by Sadaat’s company to be the brand ambassador of Dash as well as carry out a 10-town-tour to familiarize herself with Kenyan fans. But her first show on Saturday in Nakuru’s Summit Club turned out horribly wrong as both teams accuse each other of breach of contract.
The Songea Songea singer said she was supposed to be paid half the agreed amount on arrival into the city but wasn’t. A fact disputed by rapper Refigah who produced receipts to show otherwise.
Now, they have cancelled Ray C’s air ticket back to Tanzania after she claimed she would be staying on to work with other Kenyan promoters for the duration she will be in the country.

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  1. promoters..!! longolongoooo, so is she still in Kenya or already back to dsm