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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lupita Says Her Mum Is Her Secret Fashion Consultant

Lupita Nyong'o turns to her mother for style advice.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed that her ultimate wardrobe inspiration comes from her mum who taught her to dress respectfully for any occasion.

Lupita told Lucky magazine: "My mother raised us to dress as a sign of respect. Like, no ball gowns to the ball game. That's still how I approach dressing."

She added, "At Yale [School of Drama], I was three years in slacks, so then, any excuse to dress up, I took. Now I'm the opposite."

The beautiful '12 Years a Slave' star also admitted that her love for dramatic make-up looks started when she was just a teenager.

She told the mag: "My mother never wore it, so make-up always fascinated me. I was always trying to add more! I started experimenting - brows were first, and it hurt - at 16. From brows I moved on to black lipstick, which I still wear. I've had black lipstick in my bag since I was 17 - I've even worn it on the red carpet. I'd tell my mother, 'It's for the play!

"We're a big performative family, so we were always putting on shows for each other, make-believe. Black lipstick is just instant drama. I always sought out drama - I played Juliet at 14 - though I don't like it in my personal life. It's more for the stage and screen."

Friday, 19 September 2014

Fans Fall In Love With Flavour And Victoria Kimani Stage Chemistry

They are what everyone is gushing about.

Music fusion TV show, Coke Studio Africa kicked off it's second season last Saturday and the most notable performance was by Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani and Nigerian Flavour Nabania.

The couple performed Flavour's Ada Ada song.

Various fans posted their views on social networks gushing over their performance.

Samson Gichia wrote,"One word, awesome."

Liz Mukuhi wrote, "Great performance! Wish I heard more of Victoria Kimani she has a greeat voice."

Sasha Satya wrote, "This is good! really good..." 

Nduku Wambua wrote, "Killed it! Victoria sounds amazing..."

MissNenye wrote, "Flavour needs to feature Victoria in a remix and her verse should be extended cos this collaboration was amazing."

Cynthia Muchiri wrote, "That body though....on replay!"

Kyomugisha Ritah wrote, "In love with this song....he sounds better live...on replayyyyyyyy best performance!!" Carole Kutsushi wrote, "I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this song I listen to it EVERYDAY. This collabo was so good and just listening to Flavor unplugged and sounding that great aiiiiiiiiiiiish true talent right there. Great job guys..... the drums the Saxophones the pianist the back up vocals eh eh eh you all just blended sooooo well. KUDOS!!"

Lilian Kwamboka wrote, "I simply cannot get enough of this song! by far the BEST performance on Coke Studio Africa!!! Flavor needs to feature Victoria in a remix bcoz this collaboration was just WINNING! Who knew Victoria Kimani could sing soo beautifully. They killed it men, they killed it!...ohh and they can make a really cute couple."

You may watch the entire episode below.

To get more updates on Coke Studio performances check out the Facebook page, follow them on Twirra - @cokestudioafr, and check out the pics of Instagram.

Don't forget to watch the new season on the YouTube channel. Shoot, you can even listen to the music on their Sound Cloud page.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Meet Big Brother Africa's First Hotshot Housemate

As promised, M-Net and series M-Net and series producers Endemol SA has unveiled the names of the participating housemates live on the official Big Brother website.

Fans of Africa’s biggest reality show-Big Brother Africa, no longer have to wait in anticipation until the launch on the 5th of October to meet the Big Brother hotshots.

Fans will be introduced to three Big Brother housemates on a daily basis starting today.

Meet the first three housemates; Melvin – Kenya, Butterphly – Zimbabwe & Ellah – Uganda

No Need To Wait For Biggie To Premiere, The Hotshots Will Be Revealed Here!

Fans of Africa’s biggest reality show, Big Brother Africa, will no longer have to wait in anticipation until the launch on the 5th of October to meet the Big Brother hotshots.

In a bold and ground breaking move, M-Net and series producers Endemol SA will be delivering a new world first and unveiling the names of the participating housemates live on the official Big Brother website which launches at 14h00 CAT on Thursday 18 September.

Three Big Brother housemates will be introduced on a daily basis starting from the 18th September. This will be followed by regular updates on social media.

During the 8th season of Big Brother, over 6 million fans interacted with the show via the Website, Twitter, and Facebook, with the website generating just over 200 million impressions.

“We are breaking new ground and the website and social media are the perfect platforms to engage with the fans in real-time”, says M-Net East Africa Regional Director Michael Ndetei.

“The show will go on, and both fans and housemates are in for some riveting television, coupled with all the drama, intrigue and heart-stopping twists that have long become synonymous with the reality show”.

The new and undoubtedly glamourous Big Brother house is in the process of being designed and fitted with cutting edge camera equipment and broadcast technology that makes the show unique in its format.

Big Brother Hotshots live eviction shows as well as the best of the daily and weekly highlights will air on Maisha Magic Channel 161.

So make sure your subscription to DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact is up to date so you don’t miss a minute of the action.

On GOtv, Catch the weekly highlights on Africa Magic Family, and Africa Magic World.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Eric Omondi: Esther Arunga Believed In My Talent

Comedian Eric Omondi has joined the online call to save TV queen Esther Arunga after the tragic death of her son and incaceration of her husband.

Esther's first born son, Sinclair, died after it is reported that her hubby, Quincy, punched him in the stomach and hurled him accross the room.

Quincy is in jail awaiting trial set for December 4.

Eric says, "One thing happened, followed by another and we soon lost hope and trust in Esther...but hope is never lost, we must hope against hope. Let's bring back our Esther, back to Kenya, back to her country, back to her family...even back to our Screens. I believe!!! We can!!! YES WE CAN!!!, bring back our girl."

The comedian narated how he meet Esther on his Facebook Page.

He wrote, "I once met Esther Arunga while at Daystar University...I was a second year...I had tried very much to reach any Celebrity but non would pick my calls...she did pick my call..."Hey esther my name is Eric Omondi, a student at Daystar University..." I said immediately she picked..."Yes to me" She responded in a soft voice..." Thanks so much for picking my call, am a student leader and I'd love to invite you to my college, I'd also personally love to meet you since am very much interested in TV and Entertainment" This was my response, my voice now shaking with excitement. " Ok dear, can you make it to KTN, I and M building Thursday morning 11am to be exact and don't be late!! She said sternly. Now I was literally shaking in disbelief..."Yes esther...I'll be there". 'See you then' She said and hang up. To cut the long story short I met Esther shortly on Thursday morning and since she was running late, she offered to buy me coffee the following morning at Java Yaya as I explained to her exactly how she could help. She did buy me coffee and introduced me to her entertainment outfit CINEMA (Christians in Media and Entertainment) they ran it together with Big Ted and Big Kev. She also came to Daystar to speak to the students, she brought along with her Nimrod Taabu the first time and Jeff Koinange the second time...This was huge, she made me believe in myself.I know you are asking yourselves, what's the moral of this story. It was while I was performing at CINEMA at the former Galileo on museum hill that churchill officially saw my talent and Esther Arunga officially introduced me to the man who would take me and give me the biggest stage of my life, Churchill. God used her(Esther Arunga) to lead me to my destiny. I can confidently say I knew Esther Arunga, she was a friend and a mentor...A woman who loved God and cherished people around encourager of talent and gifts a role model to the young (she won teeniz role model award that same year)...soft spoken, harmless, Joyful and cheerful."

This Is Wangechi's Last Music Project Before The Accident

During this testing time that the music industry is facing due to the freak car accident that involved Wangechi and two of her pals, Keggah of BYK production house, is officially releasing one of the last tracks that Wangechi recorded.

According to the release, "It was meant to come out later as a grand project but due to the circumstances and the nature of the song, it is only fitting to release it now.

"The song is titled Remember Me, is full of almost prophetic words as she sings about her life and struggle with challenges, with such lines saying "it may be over" but you'll remember my name no matter what."

It continued, "It will be nice for the her fans and close ones struggling to come to terms with the tragic accident, the public in general and just people going through a lot in their lives, to hear her inspiring words."

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Channel O TV Boss, Lee Kasumba Defends Awards Nominees

Channel O Africa manager, Leslie Kasumba answered some questions ahead of the Channel O Africa Music Video Awards taking place on Saturday, 29 November at Nasrec Expo Centre in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Speaking during the release of the nominees for the awards, Kasumba said, "The quality of music videos we have seen over the past few years is testament to the way music videos are playing an increasingly important role in the promotion of African music. It is refreshing to see newcomers nominated with industry veterans in this year’s nominees list and it proves that there is no barrier to making an impact on the music scene. The music and videos produced on our African soil is of the same, if not even better, quality as that of those produced internationally and most of our nominees are no stranger to performing on global stages.”

I can see that this year's nomination is a very West and South -centric affair. Why?

I don't think it has anything to do with a west and southern affair as much as it has to do with the amount of music released. We do the best we can to ensure that we cover all regions, we do in fact have the the biggest names in East Africa that form part of the Urban Market and have had a good year covered this year namely: Elani- a new act in Kenya that is really doing well. Eddy Kenzo from you Uganda that had the biggest hits on youtube, Navio from Uganda who has been consistent in terms of dropping videos and spreading his continental appeal, Sauti Sol who has grown from strength to strength and increased their market share, Diamond from Tanzania who is undoubtedly the king of East Arica at the moment definitely one of the best performers in Africa.

Apart from Diamond who seem to have crossover appeal. What can the East do to get it right?
I think people are getting it right, to be honest, every year there are different stars from different regions. STL and Victoria had a great year last year for example Camp Mulla dominated the year before. Necessary Noise at their height was dominating and Wyre is possibly one of the best dance-hall artists from Africa. There is no formula to a cross over appeal, music just happens. Music should be organic and has no boundaries, yes at different times different areas artists dominate but it all changes. East Africa is doing well, in relation to its ratio in popular numbers.

Where are the female artistes? The ones nominated feel like they got there on the strength of the male counterpart they collabo-ed with - no, I'm not a feminist.

Certainly, this is a global question. For every one Beyonce there are 5 male counterparts. Its also a case of asking who really released this year and who was getting radio and cub play around the continent this year. I think its unfair to say that the ladies who made it this year were based off their male counterparts - can one really doubt the impact that Tiwa has had? or Lizha James from Lusiphone Africa for example. Or did Seyi Shay have a male artist bring her on - or isn't she the entire package, Niyola has been in the industry for a while and worked hard for the nomination and Thembi Seete has more than paid her dues as part of one of the first kwaito groups in SA that were dominated by the ladies- Boomshaka..Not at all. I could continue but I feel my point has been made.
Just like we don't select artists of regions - music is beyond borders, we certainly don't select off gender. Its all about who dominated and who released who had a good year and thats who we celebrate.

Will Channel O Awards ever be hosted in Kenya?

Of course this is something we have been exploring it comes down to investment from corporate within the region. But Kenya is a beautiful country.

Anthing else you would like to add?

The judging process was a continental one and we sent it out to DJ's across the regions. We simply tallied up the votes and what we got was what was sent. We chose DJ's because they basically drive popular culture and are in the clubs, and thats where music is really felt, in the clubs and in the street, where no one cares where the artist is from its just about a good sound and beat.
Each year its become harder and harder and a lot of artists do get left out because not everyone can be nominated. But while its unfortunate that not everyone can make the cut, it certainly is celebratory and a true testimony to how far the industry has gone, that we can have an all African awards ceremony and still feel like people have been excluded. Its incredible and we are proud to have been part of the industry for the last 17 years. African music is at its golden era right now and we are all living that African dream. From broadcasters to press, writers to bloggers, consumers to artists, and so forth.

Consigned To Oblivion Is Kenya's Best Thriller Yet...

Consigned to Oblivion is a neo-noir mystery-psychological thriller which follows a young woman, Julie Maina, suffering from ante retrograde amnesia.

She wakes up in an unknown hotel room with a dead body in the bathroom.

She has two hours to find out what happened and whose body is in the bathroom.

Consigned to Oblivion is produced and directed by Mark Maina. It will be screened on 15th September at the Goethe Institute, Nairobi, Kenya.

A screening organized by one of the newest breeds of filmmakers in Kenya seeking to make a name for themselves.

Consigned to Oblivion has been selected to be in competition for the East Africa Community-East Africa Film Network awards and Tigo Africa Awards.

The movie seeks to get a professional opinion and review from the industry’s media professionals and critics. Check out the trailer...

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wizkid And Tuface Are This Year's Gentlemen For Hennessy Artistry

This year's heartthrobs that will be headlining the Hennessy Artistry 2014 campaign have been unveiled.

This year’s headliners, Wizkid and 2Face were announced today, September 8, 2014 by premium cognac brand, Hennessy and the two superstars will be working on their first-ever collaboration track.

2Face says, “I’m proud to be on Hennessy Artistry 2014… Great things this year!”

“This year’s Hennessy Artistry is going to be massive and I am really privileged to be working with legend, 2Face Idibia… I can’t wait to get into the studio with him!!! Watch this space!” Wizkid said on his Instagram page.

The Hennessy Artistry track for 2014 will be released later this month.

Some of Nigeria’s hottest acts at the moment will also join 2Face and Wizkid on the Artistry club tour, which kicks off at the end of this month.

Hennessy Artistry, which kicked off in 2007 has since featured some of the biggest names in the Nigerian music scene including Dbanj, MI, Naeto C, Banky W, Eldee, Tiwa Savage, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Nneka, Sir Shina Peters, Bez, among many others.

Brand manager for Hennessy Nigeria, Lere Awokoya comments, “Selecting these internationally recognized superstars for Hennessy Artistry 2014 was definitely a great choice. They both appeal to different kinds of fans and having 2Face and Wizkid release their first-ever collabo will definitely shake the African music scene.”

He continues, “Our headliners for 2014, 2Face and Wizkid greatly represent what Hennessy Cognac symbolizes which is the premium luxury lifestyle, fun and success.”

Check out their story...

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kirya: New Album Is The Most Honest

Ugandan musician and entrepreneur has promised his fans a raw and honest music album.

Maurice Kirya made the announcement on his social media pages.

Kirya wrote: "I'm glad to announce that...a musical album for my fans is on the way!!"

Adding, "While many thought I was too busy with other businesses, I spent sleepless nights in studios crafting a work of art that will be the most honest feelings I ever sung about! Thanks to all my fans, Album coming soon!!"

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Carol Radull Ventures Into Shooting Sports Webisodes

Radio personality Carol Radull has ventured into the online bizniz of shooting webisodes.

She spoke to Hot Secrets about this.

"I have recently opened my own YouTube channel and right now I am producing one series called Serious Easy Talk – S.E.T.," Carol said, "Where my husband and I; and two of our closest friends Kieni Githinji and Martin Kariuki get together on Saturday nights and unwind by having a drink and chatting about anything and everything that’s happening in our lives."

She continued, "Without trying, these characters can be quite hilarious and entertaining. Each webisode is about 3-4 minutes and we release about two a week, sometimes three."

Carol added, "I hope to produce even more short but entertaining series in future. Here is a sample of the webisodes that we’ve produced so far. I hope you enjoy it."

Lizz Njagah's Reality Show Teaser For First Lady Is Out!

Here is a teaser of Lizz Njagah's reality TV show First Ladies.

The show features three top actresses from three different countries.

So far, Kenyan actress Lizz and Ghanaian actress, Jocelyn Dumas are the two confirmed for the reality show.

Lizz said in a past interview, "I will be shooting a reality show called First Ladies that is by the same producers that brought us Omotola The Real Me and Jim Iyke Unscripted. They are called iFactory Live."

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Why Big Brother Hotshots Won't Launch This Sunday

Big Brother house was razed by a fire on September 2.

M-Net and Endemol SA advise that due to a devastating fire at the Big Brother house, Big Brother Hotshots will not launch this Sunday (7 September) as scheduled.

The cause of the fire at this stage is unknown and investigations will commence as soon as it is safe to do so.

At this stage M-Net and Endemol are urgently looking for an alternative Big Brother house in which to film the production, however as this production has highly technical infrastructure, camera and edit requirements an alternative is not immediately available.

Every effort will be made to find a solution as quickly as possible to ensure that Africa’s biggest reality show will continue.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Did Quincy Timberlake Beat His Son To Death?

The question on everyone's mind is, did controversial personality, Quincy Timberlake kill his own son?

Well, according to Australian press, detective have charged Quincy with the murder of his three-year-old son.

He briefly faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court and was remanded in custody until his next court date on December 4.

Quincy was arrested by police this morning in relation to the death of his son Sinclair in Kallangur, in Brisbane’s north.

Brisbane Times reports that police were called to the townhouse about 2.30am on June 18, after ambulance officers were unable to resuscitate the boy.

Police will allege the child had “significant” internal injuries.

Investigations are ongoing.

Friday, 29 August 2014

This Kenyan Movie Highlights The Politics Of Miraa

The movie Veve follows the lives of multiple characters trying to find themselves in a world of political intrigue, revenge, love and longings for success complemented by the background of the thriving yet unregulated veve business.

Amos, an ambitious politician, is running for another term as Maua MP whilst facing his opponent Wadu in the extension of his veve empire.

His wife Esther discovers the true nature of his affairs and seeks solace in Kenzo, a conflicted young man out to seek vengeance for his father’s death.

Sammy, Amos’ right hand man, has to choose between being loyal to his work and being a caring father to his 12-year-old son Kago. Maua ́s Veve Farmers want to farm a union to force Amos to pay decent prices for their veve.

Clint, a hedonistic wannabe documentary filmmaker meddles to far, blind of the dangers he is putting himself and others into.

All are in search of purpose not knowing, that their destinies are entwined in more ways than they imagine.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

This Is Why Busy Signal Won't Be Jetting Into Nairobi

Jamaican star, Busy Signal was expected in Nairobi as the headliner of a show over the weekend.

But that is not to be.

Busy Signal won't be jetting in as planned for the show because " of technical dynamics of a round tour concert which was assigned to the Ugandan promoter on behalf of Turf Music Entertainment as their African regional agent."

The organizers of the event: Fishborne, Shashamane and Heroes Entertainment claim in a press release that Busy Signal's travel arrangement were to be overseen by Turf Music Entertainment.

They promised that "...we are working closely with all the parties concerned to make sure that the show goes on as soon as possible and to agree on a new date that is favorable to everyone. We highly regret any inconvenience."

Adding, "It is very unfortunate that the show was not in our direct control and had to be postponed, we are working closely with all the parties concerned to make sure that the show goes on as soon as possible and to agree on a new date that is favorable to everyone."

Victoria Kimani's Seductive Prokoto Video Is Out! Watch

Victoria Kimani finally releases her highly anticipated and very energetic visual for her East African cross over smash Prokoto.

The jam features Tanzanian Bongo stars Diamond and Ommy Dimpoz. Shot in Dar es Salam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya, this Kevin Bosco directed video embodies everything East African, from the Artists, to the locations including the fashion and the dancing to the chakacha beat.

The Prokoto dance competition held soon after the song was released saw hundreds of candidates offer what they believe should be the official Prokoto dance, finally the "Nae Nae" inspired dance move is revealed in this not so serious fun and colorful visual.

You many download the single here.

Safaricom To Host Naija Jazz Guitarist

Leading Integrated Service provider Safaricom will host acclaimed Nigerian Jazz artiste Kunle Ayo for the Safaricom Jazz evening at the Carnivore restaurant on 4th September 2014.

Bob Collymore, Safaricom CEO said, “The Philosopher Plato is credited with saying that music is a moral law. It gives soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life.”

“At Safaricom we believe in this philosophy and are glad to provide the opportunity for people to experience amazing music from the undeniably talented Kunle backed up by the equally talented local artistes,” he explained.

The Nigerian guitarist has been a jazz musician for over a decade. He will be backed up by his band, and will creatively enchant music fans all evening with jazz sounds from Kavutha and Jacob Asiyo from Kenya.

The premier event was held in February 2014 and was headlined by New- York based Cameroonian artist Richard Bona.

Jazz artists Aaron Rimbui, Kavutha Mwanzia, Jacob Asiyo, Eddie Grey and Chris Bitok were also part of the ground breaking concert that saw an estimated 6000 jazz lovers in attendance at the Ngong Racecourse.

Kes.4.5 raised from the proceeds was donated to the Ghetto Classics music program in Korogocho Slums and was used to buy music instruments for musically gifted children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Eve D Souza's TV Show Is Out. Check Out The Trailer

Auntie Boss is a drama that delves into the lives of 3 domestic helps and their everyday drama.

It is shot by Eve D Souza's production company called Moon Beam Productions.

The TV show revolves around the families they work for and the neighborhoods they reside in.

The dramatic comedy brings out the different dynamics at play in the lives of the domestic helps and stories that most Kenyans will relate with, as they are either on one side of the spectra as employers or as the domestic maid.

The trailer is hilarious, you can check it out below.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How Naija Stars Turnt Up With Hennessy...

Last weekend was one to remember as some of Nigeria's favourite celebrities.

They partied with the premium brand, Hennessy at the Hennessy Sunsets cocktail event which held at 355 Lounge in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The event hosted guests to exquisite Hennessy cocktails and music from DJ Caise and DJ Lamboghini.

Notable faces at the cocktail event include Tiwa Savage, Lynxxx, Nedu, Toni Tones, DJ Sose among many others.

Here are some photos from the event...


How To Be A Baus Just Like A Girl!

“You throw like a girl, fight like a girl, kick like a girl, cry like a girl”
How often have you heard that phrase without thinking twice about what it really means, or how it could affect young girls who hear it? While it may be intended as a good natured joke by many, the reality is the words can have serious, far-reaching consequences as far as confidence in adolescents is concerned.
Always is taking a stand to bring awareness to the negative connotations of “like a girl,” and to drive a movement to change the phrase from an insult into a celebration of the strength, talent, character and downright amazingness of every girl.
For the past 30 years, always has been an advocate for empowering girls globally, bringing puberty education to millions of adolescent girls. Every year, 17 to 20 million girls across 65 countries benefit from the Always Puberty Education Program. With #LikeAGirl, Always continues to champion girls’ confidence and help them show the world how amazing it is to do things “like a girl.”
As part of the campaign, Always partnered with award-winning documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield to conduct a social experiment to illustrate how people of all ages interpret the phrase “like a girl.” The results of the research revealed that younger girls responded to doing things like a girl by being fearless when asked to run, throw or fight like a girl while the older girls interpreted the actions by fulfilling the negative stereo type. 
The study further reports that most girls’ self-confidence plummets when they reach puberty. According to the study only 19 per cent of girls have a positive association with the phrase like a girl. Through the campaign, Always hopes to positively influence every new girl entering puberty to celebrate being a woman and to have positive self-image by being more self-aware.
By starting the conversation, we will create awareness about the common words and phrases used by society to imply that girls are weak and inferior. We will be enable girls to take a bold stand to be champions of their lives.
Today, Always is inviting girls and women everywhere to join the movement and share what they proudly do #LikeAGirl. Tweet, take a picture, shoot a video or send a message to take a stand and show young girls everywhere that doing things #LikeAGirl should never be used as an insult that it means being strong, confident and talented.
To add your voice to the movement, watch the full video...

TRACE Has A New Boss. Mobile And Media Industry Expert Victor Bannerman-Chedid

TRACE has announced a key addition to its executive leadership team in Africa with the hiring of Victor Bannerman-Chedid as COO.

With deep experience in the mobile telephony and media industries, Victor Bannerman-Chedid will complement TRACE’s existing executive team as the company continues to focus on expanding its African operations.

“Victor brings extensive knowledge of the rapidly changing media and mobile market and will help TRACE as we sharpen our focus on delivering long-term value to all our valued patrons, clients and stakeholders,” said Olivier Laouchez, TRACE’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“More importantly, he possesses a keen understanding of emerging trends in mobile communications and media in Africa and emerging markets in general.”

Mr. Bannerman-Chedid joins TRACE from Airtel, where he most recently served as Acting Marketing Director, Airtel Zambia.

He has previously held a variety of operational leadership positions with Airtel Nigeria, Vodafone Ghana, MTN Ghana and various financial institutions including Ecobank Ghana and UBA Ghana.

He will serve as Chief Operating Officer overseeing all operational functions for TRACE African operations.

“TRACE is a phenomenal and vibrant brand and an important player in the African media industry. I am extremely excited to be a part of its bright future,” said Mr. Bannerman-Chedid.

“I look forward to working with the talented TRACE team, harnessing their ingenuity and creativity to ensure the continued and accelerated growth of the organization. I am especially keen to be part of the process to introduce a brand new generation of mobile and digital users to TRACE.”

Nameless Has Game. See Him Try To Get Ugandan Hottie

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Behind The Scenes Of Jimmy Jatt's Glasses Up Video Shoot

 All hands were on deck yesterday for the shoot of Glasses Up.

Glasses Up is a track from the album "The Industry" by Jimmy Jatt and serves as the anniversary theme song of Jimmy Jatt's 25 years celebration as a legend in the music industry.

The afro-beat inspired sound track was produced by Tee-Y Mix. It features award winning artistes such as 2Face Idibia, Sound Sultan, Burna boy.

"Glasses Up is a toast to my friends, fans, supporters, well wishers that have stayed true to my music and for the support this 25 years" said JimmyJatt.

The video was shot on set in Lagos and directed by Patrick Elis, to be released soon.