Monday, 5 December 2016

This Is The #CokeStudioKE Episode That Stole My Heart (Video)

Hot Music This Monday: H_Art The Band, Vivian, Elani And Akothee

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Aiii Sebo! Really? Uganda Charges KTN Journalist Joy Doreen Biira With Aiding Terrorism

A day after Joy Doreen Biira's traditional wedding, Ugandan police arrested the KTN journalist.

Joy Doreen was arrested after giving an eye-witness account of the fighting that has left 55 people, including 14 police officers, dead in Kasese.

She was apprehended alongside her Kenyan fiance, Newton Kungu and three friends on Sunday and taken to Central police station in Kasese.

A post on her Facebook account, that was later deleted, read: “It’s so sad what I’ve witnessed today… Part of the palace of the kingdom I’m from, the Rwenzururu kingdom, burning down…” Her friend Rosebell Kagumire wrote on Twitter: “Family members said the military came to the home and demanded photos (Biira) had taken of the attack on the palace."

Ugandan police spokesman Felix Kaweesi told NBS television on Monday that Biira was arrested for taking pictures. “Police asked her about her motive for taking the pictures and why she did not abide by the law. They had a concern… She had to tell them what she was doing.”

Kaweesi noted photography had not been prohibited but that operations require procedures that Biira may not have followed.

“I think she misbehaved. She might have accessed a cordoned-off area.”

They were detained at Kasese Police station before being released on Monday afternoon.

Now, the police has charged Joy Doreen with abetting terrorism.

The four will report to Kasese Police station on December 8, to answer to the said charges.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Kenya's Singing Cop Sammy Ondimu Ngare Calls Out Politicians For Their Duplicitous Statements About Corruption In The Force

Popular Kenyan cop Sammy Ondimu Ngare known for his social campaign #AskariNiBinadamu has written a strongly worded opinion piece about how politician treat their bodyguards.

This article was inspired by ulcerations by politicians who claimed the force is mered with rampant corruption and that they are paid for doing nothing.

In his opinion piece, Sammy, highlights the lifestyle of a mheshimiwa's bodyguard. He does this in a bid to shed light into the life of a man in the force. This is in line with his social campaign, #AskariNiBinadamu for Kenyan citizens to view policemen as human.

Here is his opinion piece on the matter.


Ukisimama kwa podium unaongea mbaya kutuhusu.. "Ooh nyinyi ni wajinga, kazi yenu ni kupokea hongo tu, mnatumika vibaya, kazi imewashinda, tunawalipa mishahara bure na hamfanyi kazi..."

Imagine unapoongea haya yote niko nyuma yako kama mlinzi (bodyguard). Hebu fikiria naingia job mapema na kutoka late usiku wa manane.watoto wangu hawanijui maana natoka asubuhi na nikirudi washalala. Weekends hautaki niwe na familia yangu wataka nikupeleke kwenye starehe ujienjoy na wenzako. Mkutanapo kwenye starehe zenu sisi twabaki kwa magari tukinyosha viti tukilala tukisubiri simu zenu. Wala lunch ya 7k, pesa yatosha kulipia mtoi wangu shule. Dinner pekee yalipia rent familia yangu. Uingiapo kwako outside kuna colleague yuapigwa na baridi kukupa security. Hata haumjui kwa jina. Usiku usikiapo risasi zikilia wampigia simu na kutaka kujua ni nini mbaya. Nikichelewa kufika kazini asubuhi wapigia wadosi wangu na kuwaambia uwongo wote vile mimi ni mbaya.

Juzi nimewaona waheshimiwa kwa vyombo vya habari mkisema mtahamisha Askari wote toka kwa county, nashangaa wale mnataka wazuri watatoka wapi. Sijawahi kuona hata siku moja polisi twasifiwa kwa kazi njema tulofanya na sio eti hatufanyi. Hebu jiulize mhesh, uko na askari anakulinda usiku na mchana ushawahi take your time kujua yuaishi vipi? Anakula nini? Watoto wake wanasomea wapi?

Bungeni hautetei maslahi yangu, wajua mshahara wangu hata sio nusu ya entertainment allowance yako. Je, mheshimiwa wajua kuwa mimi ni mwanadamu kama wewe? Wewe ukiumia hata kama ni headache wabebwa na ndege hadi ngambo kwa matibabu zaidi, mimi hata hiyo ndege siijui vile inakaa ndani, sijui kama iko na steering, brake, clutch ama gears...huwa naiona tu kwa TV, gazeti na maybe nikikupeleka airport naona ikitake off.

#Askari_ni_Binadamu. Kama sio wewe mheshimiwa, Nani basi atatusaidia? Natumahi kilio changu utakisikia na utashugulikia maslahi yangu..

Kumbuka ukinitusi mimi ni mjinga, yule ako nyuma yako kama bodyguard sio eti ni tofauti na sisi.

Mola akulinde nami anilinde pia, tunapoendelea kuhudumia wakenya.

Mola aibariki Kenya yetu.


Monday, 21 November 2016

Televista and Trybe launch on DStv

MultiChoice Africa is delighted to announce the launch of Televista and Trybe TV to the DStv platform in more African countries.

The two were launched last Thursday, 17th November.

TelevistaTV, which was launched on DStv channel 194 on all DStv packages, is dedicated to the best of Africa's TV series and Telenovelas from around the world. The programming offering will bring a wide range of themes for the whole family to enjoy including traditional romance stories, drama, mystery, action and adventure with high quality production values and featuring top talent from the Telenovela industry and African TV drama/series circuit. TelevistaTV is dedicated to the most compelling telenovelas from Portugal, Spain and even India mixed with brilliant local TV series for the whole family.

Another addition to the DStv family is Trybe, which was launched on channel 195 across all DStv packages. Trybe is a 24-hour channel that provides the best of African movies cutting across all genres, up to date news on the industry, spotlight the fastest rising talents; no-holds barred interview with the A-list stakeholders across the continent; exclusive access to premieres and other movie events; and an all-round exciting African programming. Trybe is another hot new destination for all things Nollywood in Africa.

On Trybe, Up Close & Personal will give viewers the opportunity to find out who the movers and shakers of the movie industry are and how they live. Every day, viewers can also catch an array of classic and latest African movies; the latest news and gossip on your favourite celebrities on Reverb News; exclusive interview with stars, icons and celebrities on One on One and more. Trybe will be available to all DStv subscribers (DStv Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium) on Channel 195.

“We welcome the addition of the Consolidated Media Associates (CMA) Group’s channels, Trybe and Televista to the DStv platform. These two channels will bring our valued DStv subscribers access to additional general entertainment content, which further enhances their home television entertainment experience and ensure that there is something for the whole family to watch this holiday season,” said MultiChice GM. “The launch of Trybe will also add to the local content available on the platform which is line with our commitment of promoting local entertainment to uplift the local broadcasting industry to greater heights.”

Friday, 18 November 2016

PESA NI SABUNI: There's a New Millionaire in Town! ( Photos)

A Lesos-based Electronics repairer yesterday joined the list of millionaires in town after bagging the Kshs 22,842,642 Million SportPesa Jackpot.

Shadrack Kitur was beside himself when he found out he had won the millions and had to wait till morning to digest the news as he had never imagined coming across that amount of money.

He even restarted his phone thinking it could be a software issue but the message remained and it dawned on him that he is indeed the newest millionaire in town after correctly predicting the outcomes of 13 football matches.

Kitur started betting last year but the highest amount he won was Kshs 2,000. He didn't give up hope and continued betting having saved to buy a smart phone.

Married with two children, Kitur says his wife has always supported his betting and ensures he does so responsibly.

"I normally place my bets after I close my shop which is mostly in the evenings," he said.

"I like the fact that SportPesa payouts are instant," he added.

Sportpesa advocates for responsible betting to ensure customers enjoy the experience in every aspect.

The new millionaire in town is a Manchester City fan.

Kitur plans to expand his business by importing more accessories, build a home as well as houses for rent to sustain his income.

SportPesa recently launched a USSD code to enable clients who have no smartphones or access to computers enjoy the benefits of playing on its platform for free.

The introduction of the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) will bring on board sports fans and gaming enthusiasts previously locked out of the SportPesa platform because they did not have smartphones and computers to access the site or app.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Kenyan/ Congolese singer Alicios releases new music video "Anita". A story of a home wrecker

Kenyan/Congolese power vocalist - Alicios - of the hit song Mpita Njia featuring Ugandan songstress Juliana Kanyomozi, is back with a new music video – ANITA. The new single set to feature in her upcoming music project is written by Alicios and produced by RKay. Alicios also co-directed the video alongside Tanzanian video directors: Joowzey and Lucas of Joh Filmz.

Alicios speaks about the afro-zouk/rumba song: "I am very happy to release the music video, especially after the successful interaction I had with my fans during the "Anita Challenge" across my social media platforms. I want my fans to keep singing and dancing to ANITA. They always ask me to sing to them in Lingala so now I'm also asking them to sing me ANITA in Lingala too.''

ANITA is based on a true story with a storyline revolving around a home wrecker – a story about a woman wanting to discontinue the relationship between herself and her childhood friend because all she does is break people's homes. It's a message to women of similar behavior to be cautious of karma and life's ironic twist." The music video was shot in Tanzania and scripted by Alicios. She says of the location, "It was at a perfect location in Uswahilinia place called Gongo la Mboto," adding, "It was fun despite the heat from the sun." 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Bahati Has A New Song About A Girl. Ali Kiba's Ex Jokate Is Featured On It (Watch)

Big Kev Gives Update On His Healt And The Biggest Music Project He Is Working On

Kenya's Event afficionado, Big Kev is recovering from his 13th brain surgery.

The CEO of TruBlaq took to social media to update his fans on how he is doing.

"I had promised that I would post updates on my situation unfortunately I have not been able to do this.

You see, three weeks ago I began having problems with my sight, started of as double vision and then everything went black.

This is a major setback to my recovery. Imagine doing physiotherapy and occupational therapy in absolute darkness. At first, I was completely down cast, but as the days have gone along, I've decided I'm not helpless.

Praise Be To God!

I am believing for my full healing. In the meantime I'm going to sharpen my other senses.

They say Disability is not Inability and there are many who have trodden this path before me so I've decided to come back to work today. I was listening to the book of Daniel and there's the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, they faced Nebuchadnezzar and refuse to bow down to the idol. The king was furious and threatens them by death through the furnace. They tell him their God will save them.

BUT EVEN IF HE DOES NOT, they still won't bow down to the idol. You see sometimes in our lives things don't go the way we want them too, But we should always remember to count our blessings. When we pray, the answer is YES, NO and WAIT.

If its NO or WAIT, hold first to God's promise, everything will be alright.I'm trusting God for my full healing. Since my brain is working, I'm consulting with my team to have a huge and successful event on the 17th of December dubbed.


We are working really hard to get me back on my feet.

By the way the scans we were waiting for on the 4th Nov, mostly checked out, I give God the Glory!

See you at the Extravaganza on the 17th December with Ron Kenoly featuring Pitson, Size8, Willy Paul, Christina Shusho, Esther Wahome, Dj Mo, Ben Githae, Mercy Masika, Solomon Mkubwa.

Gates open at 4pm.

Thank you and Keep Praying."

Dear Kenyan Hiphop Artistes Wake The EFF UP! Jemedari Pens Strongly Worded Letter To The Industry

Dear Kenyan Hiphop Artist,

(Notice I called you an artist, not a rapper)
Now, more than ever, Hiphop needs you. Not because you are dope, not because you have bars, not because you write great punchlines... Kenya's Hiphop needs you because for the last few years, it has been reduced from the most powerful genre of social expression and entertainment to what it is now - a stunted fringe activity that society lets its high school graduates indulge in as they find their path through life. Dear Kenyan Hiphop artist, when did you give up? When did you decide that WaPi was it for you? When did you stop pushing the boundaries? When did you lose sight of the big picture and settle for selling two mixtapes a day? When did your hunger die? When did you choose to quench your thirst with substandard third grade liquor instead of knowledge?
Corporate Kenya sees you as an "add on". After the over hyped international acts, then the mediocre yet overplayed "local guy", you'll be on stage for 30 minutes as they wait for the venue to fill up or as they wait for the main act to arrive. Your punchlines will be drowned as the sound guy is still checking his levels and you'll be pushed off stage as soon as a cute chic asks why "Dj Nanii" has not started playing.
Hiphop needs new music, new faces, a new personality and new spaces. Hiphop needs to evolve and grow. Hiphop needs to sit in boardrooms in agencies and say how good it can push value for brands.
Hiphop needs to go to Koroga festival and show how versatile in can be standing next to Koffi Olomide and Awilo Longomba on stage. Hiphop needs to sit in radio studios and hold conversations during prime time.
Hiphop needs its own voice in TV and radio. Hiphop needs to be at more shows and have more photos online. Hiphop needs to learn how to document it's movements better.
Hiphop needs to be in Alliance Francaise, in a movie soundtrack in Hollywood or at least Riverwood. Hiphop needs to be in schools drama festivals, food festivals, sitting next to Ngugi Wa Thio'ngo at literary events or at the KIE discussing inclusion of Kalamashaka lyrics in Fasihi
Hiphop, especially Kenyan Hiphop, needs you!
This battle is bigger than your beef, bigger than your 200 pax show, bigger than your T-shirt brand, bigger than your NGO endorsement, bigger than your little weed franchise.
Step up or step away!
No movement without moves


Monday, 14 November 2016

New Music Dawn! Fans Can Stream Hot Music From Coke Studio App

Coke Studio has made it easier to enjoy watching and listening to music from the TV show via a mobile phone.

Coca-Cola Central East and West Africa has launched the Coke Studio Mobile App, available on both the Google play store and the Samsung store.

The mobile application is built on the Android platform and it enables its users to stream, download and create playlists of music from Coke Studio Africa Season 2, 3 and 4.

The Coke Studio Mobile App launch is timely and relevant for the African continent, particularly in Kenya where there is a high mobile subscriber rate of 70% and growing smart phone usage. A 2014 study by Ericson predicts that mobile subscriptions will reach 930 million in 2019. This growth is attributed to the growing advancements in network, accessibility of cheaper smart phones and data plans.

Speaking during the launch, Simon Kariithi, the Internet and Mobile Director for Samsung Electronics East Africa expounded on their involvement with the app.

“Samsung is a global leader in innovation, and we always have our consumers at heart. By embracing a platform like the Coke Studio mobile app, we believe that we have an opportunity to create great experiences for our esteemed consumers as they discover new music. Hosting this application on our Galaxy Apps store is part of our ongoing commitment to technology and consumer trends,” he said.

The app, which gives consumers a chance to listen to and discover music from over 50 African artists, is available in 5 languages: English, French, Portuguese, Swahili and Amharic, making it a truly Pan-African experience.

Waithera Kabiru, Digital Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Central, East & West Africa, expounded on the role the app will play on the consumer journey.

“We are very excited to launch the Coke Studio mobile app, as it will enable millions of youth around Africa who love music to be able to access great content on their phones. Through the mobile app, users are able to listen to content on demand from the TV show via audio streaming or video, and download the music or create playlists for future listening” she said. “It’s truly a revolutionary experience”.

Ni Jimmy Gait Tena! Gospel Star Takes Kenyans Trolling Him Online AS A Stepping Stone To Launch New Single

You may troll him all you want but Jimmy Gait is taking the stones and using them to build his house.

Jimmy Gait has been trending for all the wrong reasons. Kenyan online have been making memes about his possible song titles based on the topic of discussion.

Most times the themes of the songs are drawn from the sponsor phenomenon, corruption, the 'Sipendangi Ujinga' jokes and Donald Trump winning the election among others things.

He took the bull by it's horns and decided to own the narative.

The Muhadhara singer posted this flier on his social media causing a trending topic.

The flier was accompanied by this message, "Hi good people. #JimmyGaitTena I have been following closely on the suggestions you have been giving me... Finally, I now have a new release coming out in a few...Guess the tittle of the song."

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Professor Writes Book About Kenyan Gospel Music Based On Juliani's Life

To some, Christianity and hip hop seem antithetical. Not so in Kenya. There, the music of Julius Owino, aka Juliani, blends faith and beats into a potent hip hop gospel aimed at a youth culture hungry for answers spiritual, material, and otherwise.

Mwenda Ntarangwi explores the Kenyan hip hop scene through the lens of Juliani's life and career. A born-again Christian, Juliani produces work highlighting the tensions between hip hop's forceful self-expression and a pious approach to public life, even while contesting the basic presumptions of both.

Larry Madowo wrote a forward for the book. 

He says, "I've known Juliani for a long time so I was honoured when Dr Mwenda Ntarangwi asked me to write something small about him when we bumped into each other in Detroit a few years ago. Mwenda wrote an excellent book about an extraordinary artist. It will soon be available in Kenyan bookstores. If you can't wait, it's available on Amazon."

In The Street Is My Pulpit, Ntarangwi forges an uncommon collaboration with his subject that offers insights into Juliani's art and goals even as Ntarangwi explores his own religious experience and subjective identity as an ethnographer.

What emerges is an original contribution to the scholarship on hip hop's global impact and a passionate study of the music's role in shaping new ways of being Christian in Africa.

"A remarkably imaginative and personalized approach to popular music and youth culture, which sheds fascinating light on Kenya's changing culture, history, politics, and especially Christianity."--Paul Gifford, author of Christianity, Politics, and Public Life in Kenya

"A very provocative, fascinating, even entertaining peek into the youthful ferment under way in African Christianity."--Emmanuel Katongole, author of The Sacrifice of Africa: A Political Theology for Africa

"Reading The Street Is My Pulpit is refreshing in diverse ways. It is a lesson on the intersection between creativity and social media in Africa, a continent that is reaping the benefits of information technologies in fundamental ways. The book is also a journey into ethnographic research in the digital age."--Kimani Njogu, author of Youth and Peaceful Elections in Kenya

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Janet Mbugua Weighs In On The President Trump Win

Many people were shocked at the results of the American presidential results.

The world has to content with a Donald Trump win.

Janet Mbugua also weighed in on the Trump win,

"Remind me again why we're surprised by this turn of events? ???? It's almost like Clinton herself didn't believe in the 'I'm With Her' chant; the Democratic campaign at times seemed a little fatigued," She wrote on her facebook.

Adding, "Plus the US (and most of the West and heck, many countries around the world) remains sexist and racist and deeply polarized."

The Citizen TV news anchor continued,"Also, I feel like Trump represents the end of the era of the so called 'elitist' world leaders. He plays to the tune of 'the people' does Duterte of the Philippines and SA's Zuma. The tide has changed...and it's a bitter pill for many to swallow."

Janet concluded, "Still, this is just heartbreaking. It's sad. It's surreal that he seems set to win this race."

Monday, 7 November 2016

Nairobi Are You Ready? Miss Glamorous Kenya Has Been Launched

The Kenyan modelling and fashion scene has come of age. With Kenyan-born models making it big on the world stage, it’s time to put the spotlight on the flourishing scene and promote our very own.

This December, aspiring Kenyan models have a chance to kick-start their modelling careers at what has been dubbed Kenya’s ultimate modelling talent show, Miss Glamorous Kenya 2016/17.

The event aims at discovering and nurturing models to horn their skills ready for the modeling agencies, advertisers, fashion houses and designers of this world.

“Leading a career as a model has always been a dream for many, but only a few have managed to turn their dreams into something tangible. This is why Afrika Nasaha through Affrik Models has organized this event,” says the convener and founder of Miss Glamorous Kenya 2016/17, Mr. Francis Mwangi.

He adds, “Sometimes it can be daunting to make it big in this industry but for those looking to become Kenyan models, we've made it easier for you.”

What do the top models stand to win apart from the unmatched exposure they will get?

Winner: KSh.100,000 and a 2-night all-expense-paid trip to Zanzibar 1st Runners-Up: KSh.40,000 and a 2-night all-expense-paid trip to Dar-es-Salaam 2nd Runners-Up: Ksh.20,000 and a 2-night all-expense-paid trip to Malindi

Other prizes include KSh.10,000 and a 2-night all-expense-paid trip to Coast for special categories winners as well a gift hamper for each participant.

Miss Glamorous Kenya 2016/17 will be taking place on the 17th December, 2016 at the CUEA University from 7PM.

To participate in the event, contact Affrik Models through email: or call 0714858757/0733570592 to book your audition appointment. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

After Eviscerating Her Fellow Female Artiste, Femi One Goes To Church In New Single, Thanking Jah

Rapper Femi One has released a new song, Jah.

The song is a celebration of how far Femi One has come in her music career.

This comes after Femi released a diss song aimed at over six Kenyan female artistes.

Here it is.

Moving on, Femi describes her new song Jah.

"I am just thanking God for the blessing. This song means a lot to me because Jah is a big step in my career and I have grown as an artiste and a brand too," says Femi One.

Jah was produced by the talented Ricco Beatz and mixed and mastered by Richie G of ATL Entertainment.

"Ricco Beatz is a talented producer who understands what i want and the direction i want to go," says Femi One.

The video was directed by N.X.T a talented duo, Qbick and Lawdak from Zambia.

Watch the new release below.


Monday, 31 October 2016

(PHOTOS) American Singer, T-Pain takes over the music at Heineken "Live Your Music" Party in Lagos!

The highly anticipated ‘’Live Your Music’’ party which was announced as the official after-party for HeinekenLFDW 2016 delivered on its promise of providing the ultimate musical experience for music lovers as the party started in the last hour of 29 October and the music kept on blazing until the early hours of the morning of 30 October.

Bright lights, blasting speakers, thumping feet, excited whistles and united chants were all prominent features of the ‘Live Your Music’ party hosted by multiple-award winning American R ‘n’ B singer, T-Pain.

One of the numerous interesting parts of the party was the music Takeover. The Takeover is an interactive Heineken Live Your Music feature that involves a programmed system that proposes two songs for audience to choose from using a wristband. The crowd went into a frenzy as they selected between green and red lights on their wristbands to vote the song that eventually played.
T-Pain performed some of his hit tracks "Buy You A Drink", "Panda", amongst others during his first session.

Dotun of Cool Fm kept the show rolling with his grand mastery of the crowd, and together with the DJs, he took the audience down memory lanes with tracks that have ruled the airwaves over the past decade being churned out to the delight of the crowd. These include hits from artistes like Da’grin, 2face, 9ice, Eedris Abdulkareem, Awilo Logonba, Remedies, Styl Plus, Dr. Sid and many others.

The grooving also got turned up a notch when T-Pain and his crew were challenged to show their dancing skills to Nigerian dance steps including; galala, shoki, yahoozee amongst others. 

The crowd went into another frenzy as T-Pain hijacked the Shakiti bobo move and started dancing the move as vigorously and entertainingly as possible.

The party kept on till the early hours of the day, and everyone was thoroughly entertained. The Live Your Music wasn’t just another party, but an ultimate musical experience that is only befitting a brilliant and fantastic fashion show like HeinekenLFDW2016.

Check out the photos...

Janet Mbugua's Son Celebrates Birthday. Here Is The Birthday Present Baby Huru Got

Celebrity married couple Janet Mbugua and hubby Eddie Ndichu celebrated the first birthday of their son at a very low key event.

The invitees were close family members and their close pals or significant others.

After the birthday party, Janet Mbugua and Eddie took Baby Huru for a visit at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Here is where they presented him with his gift.

Janet revealed, "Some of you have asked me what we got #BabyHuru for a birthday gift? We adopted an elephant for him named Ambo, from the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi. I hope one day he understands the importance of #ElephantConservation 🐘❤️ #BabyHuruMilestones #BabyHuruTurns1." 

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has saved over 150 orphaned infant calves, which would otherwise have perished.

More importantly, every one of these orphans can look forward to a quality of life in wild terms, living free in Tsavo East National Park protected by their new extended orphaned family and friends amongst the wild herds.

Now that Janet and Eddie have adopted an elephant, this is what Baby Huru - through his parents - will get.

A monthly summary highlighting events of the previous month together with a direct link to the ‘Keepers Diary’ for the elephant. In the diary you will be able to access the daily calendar entries and the monthly photos. Along with the update they will receive a collectible monthly water colour by Angela Sheldrick.

 Check out photos from the birthday party.

ZIFF Announces New Festival Director

As the Zanzibar International Film Festival prepares for its 20th annual edition, The Board of Directors is proud to officially announce the appointment of a new Festival Director. Fabrizoi Colombo will follow in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Mhando who stepped down in 2016 after nearly 10 years at the helm.  The ZIFF Board of Directors has officially confirmed that Fabrizio Colombo will take over as ZIFF Festival Director from November 2016 and will be responsible for overseeing the festival as it enters into its 3rd decade.

Fabrizio is no stranger to ZIFF or Zanzibar, having played a critical role in ZIFF for the past 5 years as Assistant Festival Director. Fabrizio’s passion for cinema, and particularly African cinema, has developed over many decade’s worth of development and media work across Europe and Africa.

Fabrizio has worked across various media platforms since the 1980’s with a particular focus on training and development within the sector. In addition to his work at ZIFF, Fabrizio was the Acting Director of the African Film Festival of Verona from 2006-2012, and also held the position of Programmer and Artistic Director at the KIKAKA African Film Festival in Florence Italy for a number of years. Fabrizio Colombo is director of the of office of the world association for media SIGNIS in Rome.

Fabrizio has an extensive knowledge of, and an unmatched passion for, African cinema and over the past few years at ZIFF he has become an invaluable resource in terms of his organizational skills, programming ability, as well as for his communication and management skills.

Former ZIFF Festival Director, Dr. Martin Mhando has this to say of his replacement, “ZIFF could not have found a better replacement for the position of Festival Director. Fabrizio's knowledge of world cinema, his flare for the arts, his experience in festival management and in the ZIFF festival ethos, makes him the natural successor. ZIFF is in very capable and safe hands.”

Fabrizio has committed to putting film at the centre of next year’s festival that will celebrate the theme, Finding Joy, Kusikaa Furaha.  With Fabrizio officially leading the way to 2017, supported by a full team of dedicated staff, major announcements will be coming soon in regards to film submissions and programming.

The ZIFF Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Martin Mhando for his many years of devoted and committed service, and to welcome Fabrizio into his role going forward.

Blaze Summits Come To An End But TV Show Set For Debut Next Year

The final edition of BLAZE Be Your Own Boss youth summits kicked off in Kisumu last Saturday 29th October attracting thousands of youth from the Nyanza and Western region. This follows other summits which were held in Eldoret, Thika, Mombasa, Nairobi and Nakuru.

Mentors at the summit were entrepreneurs Michael Muthinga- CEO Fatboy Animations, Andrew Kio - BlacJack Jeans, Photographer Mutua Matheka, Fashion designer- Mike Edwin Olulo of 56 Authentique, Sylvia Tunoi- COO Africa retold and media personalities Patricia Kihoro and Nick Mutuma, Entrepreneur King Kaka of Kaka Empire, among others. The highlight of the summit was wrapped by performances from musicians, King Kaka, Timmy T-Dat, Khaligraph Jones, Octopizzo and local artistes Vicmass Luodollar and upcoming Rapper, Nadia from, Maseno university student..

Following TV auditions which took place during the summit, the BLAZE B.Y.O.B TV show will commence next year,  trickling down 12 participants who will be tasked with impressing a bench of judges in the hope of securing funding for their businesses as well as further mentorship opportunities.
With the BLAZE B.Y.O.B summits coming to an end, the brand’s mentorship initiatives shifts to student boot camps supported by online engagements on platforms like Facebook Live and Periscope.

BLAZE is a sub-brand of Safaricom and is the first platform of its kind in the East and Central African market to be co-created with the youth, for the youth.

Akothee Pulls All The Stops For Her Homecoming Event. It Cost Sh2.5 Million (PHOTOS)

Kenya's most talked about female songstress, Akothee was moved by the overwhelming support she received at her homecoming events this past weekend.

Akothee jetted back into the country on Saturday afternoon after a victorious stint in the United States Of America where she bagged two prestigious awards.

The Yuko Moyoni hitmaker was recognised for her role in the Kenyan and East African music industry at the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA), an outfit that prides itself to be the sole award ceremony in Diaspora that caters to all musical genres.

The singer who has crossed borders and collaborated with the best from Africa was awarded the gong for Best Female Artiste in East Africa. Akothee was in a category together with East African stars like Victoria Kimani and Vanessa Mdee.

After this win, Akothee was again awarded as the Best Female Artiste at the just concluded African Entertainment Awards USA. The awards uses entertainment as a platform, to showcase an Africa that is united, self-sufficient, and willing and able to evoke social change that matters most in the communities of Africans and Africans in the Diaspora world-wide.

The Give It To Me hitmaker arrived at Jomo Kenyatta National Airport at 2pm on Saturday, 29 October where she will be received by her loyal fans. 

During both awards, Akothee delivered an electrifying performance that proved that indeed, she is a top artiste to reckon with.

She drove off in a convoy that included a customised pearl white limousine with number plates reading “Akothee” in the front and “Madam Boss” at the rear. Hiring it cost them Sh300,000.

“I broke down in tears when I saw my fans, family and woman group come to receive me at the airport,” Akothee said, “I am lucky to have loyal fans and such a supportive family. I'm deeply touched. I couldn't believe that the woman's group I'm supporting in the village made it to receive me.”

She continued, “I don't have much but the little I have, I give to the woman's group to carry out their projects. My fiancĂ© had offered to fly me in first class but I told him I need the money to do a project for a Woman's group in Migori County and he obliged me.”

The convoy left JKIA for Ranalo's in town where she bought her fans a surprise lunch to thank them for their unwavering support.

In the evening, Akothee hosted an exclusive black and white red red carpet cocktail party at Sankara from 6pm. In attendance was her father a former D.O Joshua Owino Kokeyo and her mother, Migori MCA Hon. Monica Yunita Kokeyo – who will also be contesting for the same seat in 2017. 

They were joined by other celebrities like media personality Kalekye Mumo, comedian Owago Onyiro and afro pop all male group H_art The Band among others.

The management organised a very expensive homecoming which together with lunch, hiring a limo, customizing it, booking a five star hotel for the cocktail and flying in the family for the festivities cost a cool Sh2 million.

Akothee's dresses – the one she wore when on arrival at JKIA and the red dress for the cocktail - cost “5,000 swiss francs, it was a gift from her fiancĂ©”, the manager Nelly Oaks added, “Bringing the total cost of the homecoming to Sh2.5 million.” Check Out the rest of the photos.