Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Afro fusion musician George Mutinda has released his latest video for the single Simama that was nominated under the category of World Music in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) Award.
The nominated single is off his debut album Matopeni that was launched last year.
Mutinda is competing with other artistes from around the world for the prestigious award of Songwriter of the Year 2011. Click hurr if you missed the announcement.

Anyhow, he spoke to Hot Secrets about the competition.
Matopeni the album, what is it all about?
Matopeni, which is my debut album released barely a couple of years ago, has it's cross-over melodies and infectious beats approach intended to take one through a musical journey to a point of truly listening to the self. It is about seeing life beyond the scope of just hope and inspiration and to the realisation that it is quite possible to find happiness even when stuck in the mud of life's tough conditions.

Your single Simama off the album has been selected for the ISC. First off, I would like to know what the song is all about?
Simama, which in Swahili means Stand up, is a letter to Ma. She meant all well to say unto me that, to stay out of trouble, it is best remaining silent. But does the world always understand this? In many occasions, I have had to stand up and say what I have to say, since there is only one person who can really stand up for me, and that is me.

Second, how does it feel having it selected for the prestigious competition?
I am extremely delighted to be nominated in this prestigious global competition and feel tremendously honored and I should remain to be so even with all glamour, which accompanies it.