Tuesday, 10 May 2011


The Housemates on M-Net’s Big Brother Amplified survived Audition Week – but now that they have been split into two houses, the game is on!
Confidence, Danny, Jossy, Vina, Weza and Vimbai are up for eviction this week after the Housemates’ first nomination session.
Once all the nominations were in, Zeus found himself up for eviction, but used his power as Head of House to save himself, nominating Vimbai in his place.
When summoned to give Big Brother his decision, Zeus burst out laughing when he was asked which Housemate he would like to save, saying: "it goes without saying that I would like to save myself”.
He would not be drawn into saying why he was replacing himself with Vimbai.

Earlier in the day, the Housemates were taken by surprise when Bernadina was called to the Chat Room.

• When she got there, she was asked to nominate two Housemates for possible eviction. Bernadina took a moment to think about it and then named Confidence, who she said is always on the attack. "When you say something, she attacks you,” Bernadina said. She then nominated Weza, citing the differences they had earlier in the morning as her reason.

• Next up was Confidence, who was stunned to hear that the nominations had started and after thinking hard, nominated Michael, saying there was no reason for her choice. When Big Brother insisted, she finally revealed that she does not like the way he deals with women. She then nominated Felicia and again told Big Brother she did not have a reason – but this time, she wouldn’t offer a reason.

• Danny didn’t waste any time and nominated Vina, citing her strong character, as well as Zeus, because he could save himself, as Head of House.

• Felicia unknowingly returned the favour after Confidence nominated her, by nominating the Ghanaian. Her second nomination went to Danny, who she said does not talk much.

• Hanni complained that it would be hard for her to nominate anyone because everyone was her friend. That said, she then nominated Vimbai because "I can't get a feel of her and her image”. She also nominated Sharon “because I can't get her vibe".

• When Jossy went into the Chat Room, he conceded that Weza would probably survive many nominations and picked her. He then nominated Zeus because he could save himself.

• Lomwe nominated Millicent and Sharon because he had not “clicked” with either of them.

• Michael nominated Confidence, who he kissed on Saturday night, because of her bossy nature. "She's bossy and does not know how to have fun. She's too serious,” he said. His second choice was Vina, because he doesn’t understand her personality.

• Millicent also nominated Confidence and told Big Brother how negative she is. "She is a control freak and has no sense of humour,” she said. She then chose Danny, who she said is very quiet and is not entertaining.

• When Sharon went into the Chat Room, she stressed how she would only be nominating people that are strong. "I'm here for the money", she said, before putting Zeus and Jossy up. She nominated Zeus because he could save himself and Jossy because “he is a strong character”.

• Vimbai wasted little time in nominating Weza, calling the Angolan “loud, rude and vulgar towards me”. Her second nomination was for Jossy, because she doesn’t trust him and his secret strategy.

• Vina's first choice for Nomination was Confidence, who she sees as a threat. She then picked Danny and cited how they have not gelled since they came into the House.

• Wendall decided to put Vina up and revealed how arrogant and hard to get along with she is. He also picked Jossy, who he reckoned is a strong contender. "It will be hard to get him out of the House", he said.

• Weza pulled the trigger at Vimbai, who also nominated her in her session. "I like her but I am not close to her as much as I am to the others", she said. She also picked Jossy for the same reason she chose Vimbai.

• The final Housemate to nominate was Zeus, who put Vina on the chopping block for her incessant complaints and requests. His next choice was Danny, who he said is a nice guy but "is in his shell".

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