Saturday, 23 October 2010


There is a new department in the record label that has been associated with creating a new music movement, Genge, in the country. Calif Records has created a new segment for the gospel acts signed to the label. Thomas Mahondo, the Head of Operations for the label, said, “With the popularity of gospel music, Calif had to oblige and create a department. So far we are working with a number of acts whom we will reveal at a later date.”
The lead artiste from that section of the label is JemmoH among his releases is Flow (Revelation 4).

The label is also pushing two other acts to join the long list of hit makers like Jua Cali, Mejja, Kendi and Qta-C.
Singer turned producer Alpha Msanii is now back to reclaim his spot in the music arena. "I started out as an artiste before I became a studio engineering technician. I suppose Clemmo saw the interest I had in that area and offered to develop that in me. Now I want to explore the artiste part of me."
Alpha is the act that gave you the love track Msanii with the lovely Laety and Ushapoteza with Qta-C. Calif's newbie Ala-C has already released a slow RnB track with Kendi. At only 19, he has grabbed the attention of fans with his single and is thankful for getting the chance to collaborate with Kendi. He says of his hit song, "It is a love song and I’m telling my love interest where I have come from and expressing my feelings on the stuff we have gone through together."