Saturday, 23 October 2010


Coast diva Nyota Ndogo is a goodwill ambassador for drugs. For now plans are underway to get the ball rolling on the various responsibilities headed her way as an ambassador. “I just found out I have a lot to do this year. I have to live up to the title by assisting in anyway I can for a drug-free generation,” Nyota told Hot Secrets said.
The singer, who refused to divulge more details about her pet project, broke the bad news of losing a video producer for her latest single Wanionea. In a sad twist of fate, the producer who shot the video for the single died days after he had dropped a final cut of the video to the songstress.
“It is really sad that one day you are talking to someone and the next he is dead. The day he died, I talked to him on the phone in the afternoon. He asked if the video he had dropped was okay and I told him I liked the final edit and he could bring me the DVD copy the following day. At 10 pm that day I was called and told he had fallen down and died.”