Saturday, 23 October 2010


Controversial dancer and socialite, Juliet Kwamboka, a.k.a Toxic is making a comeback to the entertainment scene, this time as a singer.
“I had been thinking of quitting my job since August this year, not that I didn’t like my job, I appreciated it in every way,” She told Hot Secrets, “But I missed my dancing and stopping me from it, is like taking my life away.”
The CEO of Intoxicating Dancers has her comeback all mapped out, “My game plan is get back to the industry, as a recording artist and choreographer. I wont be dancing for other artistes but I will still sing and dance with my girls they will be part and parcel of my package.”
The singer who is now signed with Grandpa Records and Maliza Umaskini promotions says that she is still holding on to her job as a sales and marketing executive in a tourist firm.
Have a look out for her latest video It’s You before the end of this month.