Thursday, 8 October 2009


This year’s four-time nominee for the MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain gave a very interesting interview to AfricaNews. Tuface talked about his five baby mamas and his thoughts on HIV Aids prevention.
The African Queen singer was asked whether having about his five children with five women, none of whom he is married to, is a good example for the younger generation? The charismatic Tuface who is used to the question took it in his stride. He said, “That’s the problem my dear friend. After struggling and suffering, you meet success and there you are with another trouble – women.”
But you should have used condoms, weren’t you scared of contracting HIV?
“Yeah, I knew I was supposed to protect myself. I knew I was supposed to be a responsible guy. But like I told you, women are just too powerful. You take your precautions, you get in, you lose your head and things get rough. There you are – pregnancy. But mind you, before going to bed with any babe we always undergo an HIV test. I can’t play with my life.”
And finally Tuface was asked, which of the five women, will you eventually wed. His response was, “That’s the big question. All five women are pretty and good; I don’t know whom to choose. And you know what, more are coming, oh, they’ll kill me.”

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