Friday, 4 March 2016

Just A Band Ready To Launch Just A Book

Just A Band are gearing up to unleash their life story in a book tittled Just A Book.

The book will provide an in-depth look at the band's history, process, projects and practice. It will come packaged with Lightspeed, a CD of previously unreleased music

The book will be released at the band's exhibition at the Goethe Institut on March 11. This will be a follow up after their previous exhibitions, TRNSMSSN and Kudishnyao!

The exhibition is focused on stories told through the first person perspective. This narrative device places the audience in the minds and emotions of a set of characters dealing with situations both real and surreal. Combining elements of infectious music, offbeat visuals, humour and social commentary, PERSPECTIVE is a single channel video installation.

The projection setup is built in a dark mind space, designed to allow the audience to experience the piece without any external distractions and be immersed in the piece.

Some of the pieces include, “Routine”, in which the character finds himself reliving the moments before his own death repeatedly. Another piece, “Violence”, finds the character bouncing between two different realities of her relationship with a man – one full of love, and another full of hate.