Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Twitter reactions To Bruce Odhiambo's Graft Allegations #ArrestBruceOdhiambo

Super producer and chairman of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund Board, Bruce Odhiambo is facing graft accusation.

This comes after the fund cannot account for Sh155 million that may have been irregularly withdrawn from an investment account.

Anyhow, tweep have come out to castigate Bruce using the hashtag #ArrestBruceOdhiambo.

Godspel singer Kris Eeh Baba wrote, "Two countries beat us to the no.1 spot of most corrupt. We need to get to no.1 guisse. Up the game. NO?okay. Lets #ArrestBruceOdhiambo first."

Other tweeps also raised issue with graft in the government institution

Their is corruption left,right and centre. Everyone is stealing for his 'people '.who is stealing for the youth?#Arrestbruceodhiambo

The correct wording should be Theft or stealing. Corruption is sugar coating things. #ArrestBruceOdhiambo

He will just step aside and nothing will happen to him #ArrestBruceOdhiambo

u can #ArrestBruceOdhiambo or not, for all I care! Kenya is already crippled! Corruption killing us! we are doomed! No Hope!please God help!

Corruption Scandals are emerging every month. @UKenyatta and @WilliamsRuto create a ministry of corruption and scandals #ArrestBruceOdhiambo

‏ @MatereDenis
We should change our school mottos from education is key to success to corruption is key to success #ArrestBruceOdhiambo

3Years under this government,Kenyans have lost billions of Kshs.We may be auctioned in the remaining 2Yrs #ArrestBruceOdhiambo

#SAD to see looting taking place in each Sunrise in Kenya "One day Kenyans will say IMETOSHA, that day ITATOSHA" #ArrestBruceOdhiambo