Monday, 30 June 2014

Kenya Women Welcome New Beauty Product: Camay (PHOTOS)

Procter and Gamble (P&G) announced its entry into the Kenyan beauty segment with the launch of its luxury beauty brand Camay.

The range of beauty products which are targeted for the African women will see Camay seek to get a piece of the 100 million shilling Kenyan beauty segment characterized by local brands.

Boasting as the solution to African skin, the beauty brand consists of a body lotion, Roll-on antiperspirant deodorant, Spray antiperspirant deodorant as well as a beauty soap. 

Camay has 3 distinctive fragrances; Romantic, Pure Refresh and captivation to cater for the varying scents that women want.

Camay Brand Manager Victoria Kieti Chesire, said “Camay recognises the femininity of today’s woman while appreciating her attractiveness, confidence, hard work, and achievements all the while bringing out her gorgeous self, and sensuality through the glow of her skin serenaded by moisture and beautiful fragrances a relationship of scent, moisture and skin”

The Sub Saharan beauty segment is actually quite developed with over 70% of African women living in urban areas using lotions and up to 60% using some form of deodorant. We therefore want to bring to these women a great range of products that captures their femininity added the Brand Manager.

Ms Chesire added that the brand name Camay was coined in 1926 from the French word ‘camee’ which means cameo- the jewel and that is what we want women in Kenya to feel- like jewels’.

Throughout its history, Camay has looked to iconic fragrance houses to develop gorgeous, perfume-inspired scents to help African women connect to their natural femininity.

P&G noted that Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) represented 800 million consumers whose lives were yet to be touched by its female beauty categories thus motivating the launch of Camay- with Kenya being the first market in the region to have the product. 

The brand seeks to offer women a chance to feel empowered and more feminine. “We want to help the Kenyan women to feel better and more confident, this product will enhance this process,” she added.

As part of its strategy to win in this market, P&G will employ various tactics including using below and above the line which will include giving consumers across the country a taste of Camay range of beauty products

Today Camay is sold in 60 countries across the globe and the launch in Kenya is the first after Egypt which launched the brand in the 80’s.

Camay’s enduring scents are inspired by French fragrances and designed by top perfumers to reflect the latest fragrance trends. 

Camay beauty products contain a drop of real perfume so their individual scents are designed with top, heart and base notes to deliver sophisticated scent characters for 24 hours, which are comparable to real perfume, to ensure women feel and smell their most attractive throughout the day.