Sunday, 16 September 2012


Zenith Premier Gospel Artist Robbie has finally released his first single under Zenith Productions. His is a sound totally different from the rest of the gospel Artists in the Kenyan music industry. His is cosmic music with a message.

Listen…feels cosmic doesn’t it? “We want him to be the face of Worship Music in Kenya. Spreading the word of God is not all Dance and praise. We have to take time and worship him.” Took It All Away already had a big launch on Radio Jambo with Sir Bramwell Mwololo on Friday the 3rd. It was an amazing time to engage with listeners and show case some of his older work. Currently prepping for the video, Robbie Likes to take charge of his music from writing, producing, art work and stage performance organization. New on his portfolio would be his first video, which the Zenith Management has already signed off.

In his own words, meet Robbie…

When I was very young, as far as I can remember, I was quite fond of RnB Music. We used to have a house help in our family of whom I emulated a lot in terms of likes and dislikes and this included our taste for music. I began singing in the church as a child and one of the most memorable moments was in the year 2001 when I sang in the church main choir of N.P.C Valley Road being the youngest singer to do a solo in the church choir.

As I grew older I began experimenting a lot with composing and I even got into rapping after spending a lot of time with musicians such as Stranger. In the year 2003 I was interviewed on the children’s pull out ‘Twinkle’ of the daily Nation. They were very interested in my singing and rapping skills and this brought a lot of illumination to my talents. Unfortunately, as I got into high school I had an identity crisis that made me leave music for a very long time as I was trying to find myself. I can honestly say that my relationships especially the romantic ones that I had in high school and afterwards have had an influence in my music on top of the Testimony of Christ’s Great Love upon Humanity.

In 2009, I did a demo song entitled ‘Mapenzi’ and this was the beginning of great things to come. It was amazing how it received great reception from peers and this led to me doing the first ever ‘NaiRobbie’s Mix-tape’ that featured artistes such as MR. T. The future seemed to get brighter until I met a man of God who is my current Pastor, who helped me to realize that before I embark on this journey of a musical career, it is imperative that I find and know my identity in Christ so that I practice what I preach as I no longer conform to the patterns of this world that we are living in. And thus after this encounter I sought for the face of Christ, not for what God would do for me but for whom He is. I desired to know this God who would sacrifice his own son that a nobody like me may have access to him.

Many changes happened in my life while musically all I did was a few features such as “Find a Way” by De-Kon and “The Kingdom” by E-major, as well as assistance in song writing such as “Lust from the Past” by De-kon and Mercy as well as a couple of songs for the Kwetu album “I’m Kenyan”. This project that was geared at promoting and celebrating Kenya brought me back into writing and recording. 2012 has basically been a year of hard work, working towards writing a debut album. I guess all we can do now is Just listen.