Sunday, 16 September 2012


There are few times when a singer grabs the attention of many around them within the first few minutes. But this happened at Zenith Studio’s when Lynda was called in for a client’s jingle. She was signed on almost instantly and she went on to prove to be a great writer with a personality to match.

A free spirit who has been talking since she was six and picked up singing shortly after words, You need Jesus is the first single from this super syked lady. Another thing to note is just before you judge the song as gospel, then listen again!

According to the press release, "You Need Jesus is dedicated to all the men out there who have fallen out of favor with their girls because of their childish behaviors." Lynda always says this to her boyfriend. This came up in a conversation while in studio and thus the end product.

Here is a bio about Lynda who currently works at Kiss 100.

Lynda Naomi Nyangweso was born in Nairobi on August 9th, 1988. She was the most outspoken toddler ever and said her first word at 6 months, sang her first song soon after and hasn’t shut up since! She was dressed in shiny dresses and was arm twisted by dear old mom to sing at every family shindig, as for education, she went to one too many primary schools but finally ended up in Kianda until standard 4 when her family up and moved to Canada.

While in Ottawa, Lynda continued singing in church but took it more seriously in high school. Lynda auditioned and was accepted into the Canterbury Arts High school vocal program. She concentrated on visual arts and grew vocally. However after 10th grade, teenage stupidity got the best of her and she was kicked out of the vocal program. Soon after 11th grade just before senior year, Lynda and her family moved back to her beloved home, Kenya.

She was soon enrolled into Nairobi Jafferys Academy where she completed high school and A-levels. She went into USIU, but due to financial hiccups that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, Lynda left university and soon took up stage acting at the Phoenix theatre. There the singing bug bit her again and she’s never stopped pursuing music.

Lynda now works on radio as a presenter and just like her day job, surrounds herself with music.