Sunday, 16 September 2012


Following the release of her first single, Gravity of Love, AnitaA has been busy performing and teaming up with other artists to try and cement herself in to the music industry. And it was with one of her old pals that she hooked up with. 2011 Chaguo La Teeniz Nominee, Rapper, Producer and Writer Rap Damu.
Sway was an idea to break from AnitA’s Style of music to something for the parties, the dancers and the DJ’s. And idea that was well produced and executed as was felt within the Zenith Studio’s.
Rap Damu brings his Ghipuka Vybe on to the house track and his careful play on words will defiantly leave the fans hitting the rewind button. AnitA raises the bar by pushing her vocals on the chorus to urge the fans to Sway to the music. A gamble that we all hope will work.
AnitA’s rich and entirely distinctive alto voice has invited comparisons that range beyond the world of contemporary soul, jazz and pop. From AnitA’s own perspective, her music synthesized a wide range of influences, from jazz artists like Kenny G through such R&B figures of the 1980s and 1990s as and Chaka Khan, TLC and Mariah Carey.
AnitA benefitted from growing up in a home that nurtured her creativity. Her mother encouraged AnitA to develop her artistic leanings, which included painting and dancing as well as music. She was later discovered and signed on by indie music label, Zenith Productions, As fate would have it, she stunted the producers who then offered to develop her as a career artist. She featured on Kwetu album Project doing a solo of an original piece. But her desire to grow her career drove her to her first release
As for Rap Damu, he needs no introduction. The rapper, writer and producer started out as a rapper 7 yrs ago but then decided to teach himself how to produce. Being the CEO of Pacho Entertainment has enabled him to work with several artists including Big Pin, Kenrazy and Sanaipei.
Their collaborative single, Sway is about having fun. Forget the drinking, forget the flirting. Let’s just have good old fun wherever we are. Club, car park, local or house party. It’s all about forgetting your problems, putting your hands up and sway to the music. Come up with a dance step, let’s just have fun, Period!
In the lyrics,  Rap Damu says, “Looking so lovely, looking so good, hakuna cha kulala kama Tom let’s cruise.”