Sunday, 17 June 2012


Mombasa singer Nyota Ndogo has had to assuage the fears of family, friends and fans after rumours of her death made rounds this week.
Nyota told Word Is, "I did not know how the rumours started, because at the time I was at the Sawa Sawa festival in Nairobi where I was performing. I got a call from Ali Manzu who sounded concerned. He then told me that he has read on Facebook that I'm dead. I told him to comment on the post and say he has just talked to me and that it is all false.
From that Sunday phone call, the Watu na Viatu singer received a series of calls from DJ's, friends, family even my brother Juma asking if she is okay.
"The sad part about all this, is that my mother lives far away from me, when this kind of rumours get to her they worry her a lot. They cause a lot of harm. I would like to ask that people verify the news before spreading it," She said, "Yes, death is a must for everyone, I'm not afraid to die but since I'm not dead stop killing me."