Sunday, 17 June 2012


Kenyan rapper based in Norway, Stella Mwangi, jetted into Kenya yesterday to shoot the music video for her latest sing Bad As I Wanna Be set for a June 29 release.
This comes in the wake of online reports that Stella has been a bad girl. According to Norway site, Stella and her friends were reportedly involved in a brawl on Saturday night at a Nicki Minaj concert that took place in Oslo.
The site quotes a source: "After half a minute or so, the girls started fighting again and that's when things got out of hand and several others became involved. Punches were thrown, hair was pulled and they said some pretty nasty things to each other."
However, Stella denies the reports through her press manager at EMI music, Ida Lyxzen who told "During the concert there was some pushing and shoving involving Stella's friends. Stella was not involved and did not perceive the situation as dramatic at all. As a matter of fact, she later returned to talk to the security guards and to watch the rest of the show."
Tim Adeka who is Stella's press contact in Nairobi told Hot Scerets, "It is highly unlikely for Stella to behave in that manner. That is not like her at all."
Anyhow, the Lookie Lookie star is in the country to shoot the video for the new single produced by Big City. She tweeted: "I'm really excited about it! I'm taking it back to where I came from: Hip-hop!"