Sunday, 17 June 2012


Over the weekend, Airtel launched a new campaign dubbed Mi Ni 254 aimed at reconnecting the brand with the Kenyan youth and their country, offering them an authentic and refreshingly connected Club 254.
Club 254 will offer an open platform for the Kenyan youth to express their leadership, share their exciting Ideas and experiences, talk, laugh, and express their values and aspirations leaving them with a strong sense of belonging.
To go with the campaign, a theme song was also launched by the same name and was written by rapper Collo whose real name is Collins Majale.
Speaking to Word Is Collo said, "They looked for the best person and they contacted me. I have worked with brands. I wrote the rap and the music," addin that this will show how, "there is a thin line between collo the artiste and collo the composer."
While writing the theme song, Colla kept in mind the "urban youth in the whole of Kenya who have something in common and that is their lifestyle. We're living it, feeling it and loving it. We're proud to be 254."
The campaign will culminate in a series of concerts in various cities around the country.
The launch held at the Hilton Hotel was attended by various entertainment personalities.