Monday, 7 May 2012


Age: 22
Malonza is a student of USIU. He is single, enjoys watching Jacob’s Cross, Big Brother and Modern Family and his favourite musicians include Chris Brown, Santi Sol and Camp Mulla. His favourite actor is Johnny Depp and his all-time favourite movies include Real Steel and Tears of the Sun.
He says the best thing about Africa is its wonderful people, beautiful land and bountiful natural resources. His favourite place in Kenya is Mombasa – “sun and sand are my thing” – and outside of Africa, Dubai “because of the way they have taken their country to a whole new level with development and diversity of economic resources”.
Malonza’s role model is his mother: “ever since I was young she has been there for me, provided for me and taught me to be who I am today – a great, loving caring person”. The achievement he is most proud of so far in his life is making it into the Big Brother StarGame – he was inspired to stretch himself and find his limits. “I’m tired of being a groupie and I want to be the star,” he says.
He says of his Big Brother StarGame partner Alex “he is my blood brother. I chose him because I felt that he was the only one on my level that I could relate to well. Plus, family always comes first.” Malonza can’t wait to see what it’s like to have Africa’s eyes on him 24/7: “I love attention and I live my life knowing that people will always have eyes on me”.

Age: 23
Alex is a student from Kiambu, currently studying towards a degree in Computer Science – and he already has a Diploma in Business and Communication Technology under his belt. His favourite foods are nyama choma and roasted meat & fries and his favourite book is The Secret. He likes watching Medical Detectives on TV and listening to Adele. His favourite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio.
Alex’s role model is Steve Jobs, for his determination to bring a new era in the field of technology. His mother has had a huge influence on his life because she does a lot for the family and “no matter how much we have annoyed her, she still loves us!”. The achievement he is most proud of is being part of Kenya’s 2010 Referendum where he worked as a data agent and helped make a change in his country.
He was inspired to enter Big Brother StarGame by his brother – and game partner – Malonza. “I found Big Brother will be an opportunity to bond with him,” he says. Asked about how he feels knowing Africa will be watching him 24/7, he says “it’s amazing, particularly knowing my friends will be watching. The energy builds up when you are yourself and that’s how you’ll get the votes,” he says.
Alex describes himself as caring, patient, jealous, determined and strict and thinks his best trait is his ability to socialise with people and make friends with strangers. He dislikes corruption, people who complain but never do anything and back-stabbers. He says he will be using Big Brother StarGame as a chance to meet new people in the House and understand what they do.