Monday, 7 May 2012


Age:                         32
Country:             Kenya
Musician Prezzo was inspired to enter Big Brother StarGame because he sees it as a great challenge. He says he is looking forward to being on Africa’s TV screens 24/7 because he loves attention. He hasn’t really seen much of previous seasons of the show and says that if he wins the grand prize, he’ll “cross that bridge when we get to it”.
He says he hardly watches any TV but enjoys movies like “Scarface” on the big screen, listing Al Pacino and Mos Def as his top actors. He’ll eat just about anything – except pork – and his favourite book is “48 Laws of Power”.
His favourite place in Kenya is Nairobi and doesn’t have a favourite place outside of Kenya: “East, West, home is best”, he says. His role model is Barack Obama because he believed in himself and made the impossible, possible. He is hugely influenced by his mom because he understands that it’s not easy to be a single parent. The achievement he’s most proud of is his musical career, because of the heights he has attained.
Describing himself as cool, calm and collected, Prezzo says his favourite quality is his ability to entertain people around him. He says that respect is the most important trait in another person and says that viewers should expect the unexpected from him. “Remember that I am an entertainer so they should expect anything and everything,” he says. 

Age:                        34
Country:            South Africa
Babalwa entered Big Brother StarGame because she loves competing in challenges, both physical and intellectual. The model, events manager and hair salon boss from King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape says the fact that she will be pushed to the limit in the house excites her and that she loves winning – “losing ain’t for me!” she says.
Barbz is single and says that she won’t sell her morals short for money – viewers shouldn’t expect any hanky panky from her in the house, but she’s game for anything else! She loves samp & beans with oxtail and her favourite books are “Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich” and “The Secret”. She enjoys most reality TV – she’s a huge Big Brother fan – and also likes watching news channels like CNN and Al Jazeerah.
She says her favourite places in the world outside of her home country are Miami and Lagos – the former for the parties, nice people and great shopping and the latter for the “fun”.
Barbz is inspired by a lot of people, but picks her Mom as the most influential because she moulded her into the person she is today. She says her parents influenced her life most because they made sure she went to good schools and their strict nature kept her out of trouble. The qualities she likes most in other people are respect, openness, friendship and “people with backbone” while she dislikes lies, false accusations, bad-mouthing, laziness and spitefulness. She entered Big Brother StarGame to market her brand and her business, to create awareness around xenophobia and to spread love amongst Africans.

Age:                         26
Country:             Ghana
Comedian, TV presenter, event organizer and talent manager DKB hails from Accra. He entered Big Brother StarGame because it’s a platform for people from different cultures and socialization to meet and bring the best out of themselves. He describes himself as sociable, kind, trustworthy, entertaining and adaptable and promises viewers “non-stop entertainment”.
DKB’s role model is Tyler Perry because of the way he’s used his talent to empower black people. He says his Uncle has had the biggest influence on him “because he has taught me how to be a responsible man”.
His favourite part of Ghana is the Cape Coast, while the best thing about Africa is the culture. He’s a huge fan of Ice Cube and Tyler Perry and enjoys the music of Sarkodie, M.I.m Jay-Z, Eminem, HHP, Busta Rhymes, Usher and Freshlyground.
If he wins Big Brother StarGame, DKB would use the grand prize money to improve his life and that of his family. He would also start a business and create a charity investment that would sustain the outreach for a very long time. He hopes that participating in Big Brother will better his interpersonal relations with people from other parts of Africa and boost his image as a formidable showbiz personality.

Age:                         28
Country:            Nigeria
Goldie is a musician and singer from Lagos, Nigeria who is hoping to use her innate generosity, humility, culinary abilities, style and kind heart to win Big Brother StarGame. Promising that viewers can expect “never a dull moment”, she hopes to use the game as a learning experience and a personal challenge.
When she’s not performing, Goldie loves reading books, watching Manchester United, playing console games and Scrabble – as well as sewing, knitting, drawing and designing. She likes Mills & Boon novels and supernatural romance books and likes watching E! Entertainment, Sky News and the Crime & Investigation channel. Asked about her favourite musicians, she says “myself, thank you very much!” before including Madonna, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Adele, 2Face, D’Banj and PSquare.
She says her favourite place in Nigeria is Lagos State because there’s so much to do there - there’s always somewhere to go, something to do and lots of friends to be made. The best thing about Africa? The diversity, warmth of the people and “our friendliness”. Outside of Africa, she likes visiting the UK because she spent time there at school and there’s always so much to do.
Her role model is her mother, who she describes as “the kindest, sweetest, most hard-working woman I know”. She is influenced by “any strong, confident, hard-working woman who breaks boundaries with her work and passion”, citing Oprah, Madonna and her mother as examples. She’s a fanatical Big Brother follower and lists Uti, Richard, Tatiana and Karen as her favourite housemates from past seasons. 

Lady May
Age:                        25
Country:             Namibia

Lady May is an award-winning musician who can’t wait to have Africa’s eyes on her 24/7 on Big Brother StarGame. She sums up what viewers can expect from her in one word: “excitement!”. Lady May says she doesn’t let anyone or anything bring her down and loves people who pick themselves up from life’s knocks and never give up.
She entered Big Brother StarGame for the opportunity to meet diverse characters and come face-to-face with different, unique challenges. Lady May feels that the house “brings Africa together”. She has watched previous seasons of the show and lists Stefan Ludik and Cherise as her favourite former housemates. If she wins the grand prize, she’ll spend some of it on ‘making over’ her teeth and invest the rest wisely. She says her “not so perfect” teeth affects her smile and confidence and that giving herself a perfect smile would make her dreams come true.
She is proud to have won both Namibian and continental awards for her music, including “Best Dance” awards at the Channel O African Music Video Awards in 2007 and 2008. She is influenced by her own journey through life as “every single day I am always looking forward to living life”.  Her role model is her Grandmother, who taught her “awesome traditional values”.
Her favourite place in Namibia is her home village, Olunghono, while outside Africa, she enjoyed Berlin, where she had the opportunity to perform. Lady May says that the best thing about Africa is how all nations are accommodated. She has a younger brother, and also a child of her own.

Age:                         25
Country:            Zambia

Zambian R&B star Mampi has made her intentions for Big Brother StarGame clear: “nothing will stop me from getting what belongs to me – I am going all-out”. The “Queen Diva” from Lusaka was inspired to enter Big Brother by her fans. “They know what I’m capable of doing and they know I am a go-getter who will raise my Zambian flag colours high,” she says. She is looking forward to having Africa’s eyes on her 24/7, where she’ll show the continent how much of an entertainer she is.
Mampi says the best thing about Africa is that it’s a beautiful and rich continent with friendly and cultured people. Her favourite place in Zambia is the Victoria Falls, because she thinks it’s beautiful and finds the water relaxing. Outside of her home country, she enjoys going to France, saying that it’s a fun place to go on holiday. She sees her father as her role model, because he made her a strong, courageous, stubborn and successful woman. She cites God as a major influence in her life because he always delivers when she prays over something with all her heart.
Describing herself as spontaneous, unpredictable, sexy and as a diva, Mampi likes good listeners and people who are friendly, funny and free-spirited. She dislikes people who brag about nothing and those who think they are better than others. She says that viewers can expect to see her involved in drama, commotion, flirting and dancing while she admits that she has a low tolerance for nonsense.
Mampi’s favourite food is nshima with beef and okra, she likes reading the Bible and “Gifted Hands” and enjoys watching “Stricty Come Dancing”, “Idols”, and “Life in the Fast Lane with Kimora Lee Simmons”. Her favourite musicians are Beyonce, Witney Houston, D’Banj, 2Face, Neyo and Trey Songs.

Age:                         27
Country:             Zimbabwe

Harare-born Roki is a musician who describes himself as creative, quick, attentive, productive and soft. He has been told that his soft heart will be his downfall, but he reckons “it’s just easier to let go of stuff”. He likes caring, hard-working and clever people and dislikes people who are lazy and heartless.
He promises viewers entertainment and says that his family is behind him 100%. If he wins the grand prize, he’d follow his dream and go to Hollywood. Apart from the money and exposure, he’s hoping to open his mind by taking part in Big Brother StarGame and also develop his understanding of all Africa. His favourite Big Brother Housemate from previous seasons is Vina.
He cites Steven Spielberg as his role model “because he’s an audio-visual genius” and says his mother has had a huge influence on him because of her endurance. He is a middle child, with 2 sisters, one older and one younger, and says his biggest achievement so far is winning an award for his music in 2008.
Roki lists his favourite TV show as “Friends”, his favourite musician as Thomas Mapfumo” and his favourite actors as Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. His favourite films are “Pulp Fiction”, “The Lord of the Rings”, and “The Matrix”.