Monday, 7 May 2012


She has trended on Twitter, she has gotten reviews – mostly from first time fans – and her single Life History has been adopted as online lingo.
Matasia Star  - real name Jackie Wangare - as many know her now talked to Hot Secrets about her life journeys and her take on the online furore.
How do you feel about all this online attention?
It is unbelivable and I  feel great.

How long ago did you record the song?
I recorded the song in January 2012.

Who produced the song and the video?
The song was written and produced by Thomas Mutonga and myself. While the  music video shooting and editting by wasdone by Njopa

Have any of your songs hit before?

Critics say that you cannot sing and the only reason the song hit is because of the negative publicity it is getting, what do you have to say about this?
Most of the albums that are highly regarded and sold well received bad critics or review, bad critics doesn't mean you shouldn't be making music or releasing music, it means one or two did not get it and I’m doing (this music) for the people who get it. (I know) I can't please everyone, one person favourite song makes another person want to stab themselves in the eye with a pencil. Therefore, I would like to say thanks to my fans.

What inspired the lyrics of the song Life History and to whom exactly was the message directed to?
Musically, I’m inspired by my brother Thomas who is an artist in Benga style. The message of the song was directed to the backbiters, people who pretend to be your friend and always want to know about your life but when you turn your back they are the devils to you! (sic).

How many other songs have you done and how was the reception?
Have done three songs myself and one kikuyu collabo with my brother Thomas but it is not well known.

Any albums?
Yes, but a collabo with my brother called Makangari

What genre is your music?
My style is new and it is called Probox style. You know the Probox car is active car and economical and like myself I’m also very active.

What exactly do you do in Germany?
I’m a teacher

Do you do shows over there? What's the response from your fans?
Yes, I’ve done several shows here mostly dancing and my fans loved it.

Do you see yourself making it there musically?
Yes, i believe a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.and now have started my journey.

What are your future plans, music career wise?
Apparently am doing part time dancing lessons and working on my vocals here in New York City dance school.