Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Nigerian singer Nneka is set to perform in Nairobi courtesy of the Goethe Institute in February. While the date is not yet confirmed, the singer is booked to perform at the Zanzibar Sauti Za Busara on February 8-12.

Anyho, Nneka was born in Warri, Oil City in the Delta region of Nigeria at the height of its new found wealth in the mid 70s.
The daughter of a Nigerian father and a German mother, Nneka is a testament to the strength of talent that her success so far is based on word of mouth, on the quality of her albums and the intensity of her live performance.
She is not a big-label product, forced down people’s throats by marketing dollars.

Her audience now numbers hundreds of thousands across two continents, for Nneka now divides her time between homes in Lagos and Hamburg.
Those listeners are people who have tracked her down, because there will always be a demand for music that does more than just entertain, but touches something universal.
As she puts it herself: “I do it in a sweet way - but I sing to speak the truth.”