Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Odada and Joseph Hellon

Controversial jazz player, Joseph Hellon is rebranding himself and shaking off last year’s Quincy Timberlake – Esther Arunga saga.
The jazz maestro opened 2012 with a new show that will showcase jazz in it’s purest raw form. Hellon together with former Mr Kenya Odada Okellow are now organizing a weekly jazz shows that are centred on music and fashion.
Dubbed Jazz and Clad, the weekly Monday shows will seek out “jazz enthusiasts who enjoy sophisticated music and also be involved by participating in the dress themes,” he said, adding, “These shows will build up to an international East African jazz festival that will serve a platter of Jazz melodies to a sophisticated society wearing something nice to listen to nice music. It is our object and ethos to do this.”
Jazz and clad will be happening every Monday at Secrets Lounge from 6pm. Gate charges are Sh500. Here are some of the publicity shots...