Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Nigerian comedian Basketmouth recently posted his opinion on Facebook about the ongoing oil subsidy that is causing a rift between government and it’s subjects.
In the note, he says he was reluctant to “get involved with this whole subsidy drama because of some vague factors surrounding the whole idea and execution, but since i've been pushed to talk, here goes: Subsidy is not really the problem, the problems here happen to be the ones we have been facing before we got Independence (ELECTRICITY,WATER,ROADS, SECURITY, EDUCATION,FUNCTIONAL REFINERIES just to name a few)”.

He continued: “If the refineries were working, we wont be talking about exportation or importation of our own natural resources, if there was electricity, the consumption of fuel and diesel will be on zero %, because as it is, we spend more on our generators than we spend on cars daily.
"If the refineries were working and we had more, that is more employment, a better and stronger economy etc, if the educational system was in top form, youths wont be seeking admission in foreign schools, schooling abroad used to be luxury but now its a necessity.

“If the subsidy is removed today, how does that stop the excesses we spend on fuel in our generators, an average Nigerian spends more than N100,000.00 to have a 12hr power supply from a fuel generating system while we are supposed to be spending a maximum of N6,000 every month if the power supply was steady. We have a bag of problems,can the govt address them in the order of importance?!!!!
“In the western world, power outage for less than 2hrs is breaking news and makes headline all over the world, but in Nigeria random power outages for the past 51years is part of our culture and has become a tourist attraction. “Lets fight for our basic rights, lets come together and have one voice against the govt and bad leadership, we are the present and future of this great Nation, its time we get what is ours, its time we stand together as one and fight a good cause.
“Amongst many, ELECTRICITY is something we shouldn't be denied of in 2012, REFINERIES are structures every state in Nigeria should have, if not three at least one."
He finished off with, “I don talk finish.”