Thursday, 28 July 2011


Tusker All Stars entered its fifth week with Rwanda’s Alpha Rwirangira still at the top of the charts with Msechu and Davies coming in second and third respectively.
This weekend’s performances saw the 8 stars pair up to perform duets with partners of their choice.

First on the stage were All Star giants, Alpha and Davis, performing one of African Reggae King, Lucky Dube and the Mighty Slaves’ greatest hits Usizi. The two gave a highly energized performance and proved to be a winning combination by delivering a worthy reworking of the popular reggae hit.

Caroline and Hemedi performed an East African hit from the popular Tanzanian songstress Ray C, Mama Ntilie. The chemistry between the two was unmistakable as they thrilled the audience with their lingala dance finale.
Patricia and Davis performed a rendition of one of East Africa’s most memorable hits, Haturudi Nyuma by Juliana Kanyomozi and Kidum. The two stars’ vocals blended perfectly to bring out the angst of the hit song.

Sultry songbird, Patricia, was up on stage again with Amileena, performing Beyonce’s If I Was A Boy. The divas complimented each other well as they sang about being on the converse side of the gender divide.

Resident comedians, Msechu and Ng’ang’a were up next as they performed a Westlife classic, Somebody Loves Me and they gave a performance which was highly energized as is characteristic of this crop of Tusker All Stars.

Viewers can vote for their favorite artist by sending a text message with the star’s Tusker number to 8009 for persons in Kenya and Uganda. Individuals in Rwanda can vote by sending a text message with the star’s Tusker number to 7333 while for those in Tanzania the number is 15324. SMS voting lines close on every Saturday morning at 8 am and re-open at 8pm on Sunday evening.