Thursday, 28 July 2011


Katumbo Dance, is an idea that Kenya’s Number 1 Hypeman-DNG and Top Comedian-Jalang’o come up with jointly and executed by their companies 254 Entertainment and Arena Media respectively.
The duo do a lot of MC gigs together and at one of these corporate events, they came up with a brilliant idea to come up with a comical but catchy hook that they can perform on stage together during their gigs. The Katumbo Dance hook was created instantaneously! The hook caught on and the two talented artists saw the potential and dared one another to record the song. A week later, the two artists kept urging each other on and decided to be serious about it. A call to Dr. Eddy -the producer behind the success of System Ya Kapungala and Tobina -was made and a recording session scheduled. The rest, is history.

Katumbo Dance is a mash-up of lingala, hype and comedy in one amazing audio production. The feel good song is all about fun, energy, positive energy and having a good time. It is light-hearted and easy listening, with top notch quality.
The video, shot in Kibera Namba Nane features an amazing dance routine by Sakata Dance 2011 Winners, F.B.I. They add spectacular appeal to the video.

The Katumbo Dance video clearly depicts the feel good vibe of the song with smiles, comical characterization, dance, hype and energy effortlessly but vividly being perceived.

SK Blue

The dramatization has taken videos to the next level from the start of the presentation, giving the production a ‘film’ feel. Quality, as always is unquestionable and this video has definitely risen the bar and has set a new standard in the Kenyan Music Industry.

Katumbo Dance has brought together the uptown swag-played by DNG- and the ghetto lifestyle-played by Jalang’o- in a musical production that has never been done before! Unprecedented, this song has done something that even our leaders have been unable to do- unite the low and the high classes in unity, as in depicted in the intro where these tow, totally distinct and different worlds come together in a showdown.


The hate/despise that these two societies have for each other is quashed by a little kid who innocently shouts “Acheni hii vita!” Adding content to the production, it is ultimately depicted that we are one people, one nation, and that we can all live together in harmony.