Thursday, 28 July 2011


Kenyan singer based in Norway Stella Mwangi was shocked to learn that Anders Behring Breivik the suspected terrorist accused of massacring as many as 93 people in Norway had mentioned her in his meticulously detailed diary.
Stella who spoke to Peter Okwoche on BBC’s Focus on Africa on Monday night said, she “wasn't aware of the diary entry” but “I’m used to hearing such words because people will also ways have different opinions
But hearing that from him is another story…” adding, “It’s shocking and wasn’t aware of that.”
Asked if she usually gets the same “right wing” comments, she said, “Being an artiste a public person you have to be prepared to people having different reactions
She termed the massacre and bombing as a “shocking” but Norway is “showing the world we don’t fight hate with hate but fight hate with love”.
Anders railed against multiculturalism in his 1500 manifesto that was posted online. He made his first appearance in an Oslo court on Monday, hours after the country held a minute’s silence to mourn his victims.
The diary held details on his months of planning for the Norway terror attacks. On Saturday 14 May 2011, Anders entry entered on the 13th day of preparations read: “It's the Eurovision finale today. I just love Eurovision. It's a lot of crap music but I think it's a great show all in all. I've seen all the semi finals and will take the time of to watch it later today, online. My country has a crap, politically correct contribution as always. An asylum seeker from Kenya, performing a bongo song, very representative of Europe and my country. In any case; I hope Germany wins!”

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