Tuesday, 17 May 2011


American RnB singer and songwriter Anthony David performed in Kenya’s capital Nairobi recently at the National Park in a concert dubbed The Lounge Unplugged.
Anthony is known for his hit Words featuring India Arie and has four albums so far. Anthony's fourth album - released on February 22 - is titled As Above So Below which features guest vocalists Algebra, rapper Phonte from Little Brother and Anthony’s cousin Shawn Stockman of R&B super group Boys II Men.

The American RnB singer mesmerized the crowd of music enthusiasts who filled the dome put up at the venue with his smooth hit songs.
Before Anthony got on stage, Kenyan group Elani opened the show. Elani is an Afro-soul musical group made up of Maureen Kunga, Wambui Ngugi, Bryan Chweya and Kimani Kibe. Their name means light in Giriama. Kenyan neo soul singer now based in South Africa also performed.
After their showcase, Anthony got on stage wearing a tshirt made by Kenyan fashion house Urban Legend the female audience uuuhhhh’ed and aaaahhhh’ed at his performance. At one point he serenaded Capital FM’s Chao to the excitement of the audience.

Fans also got a chance to meet and greet the Grammy-nominated singer as welll as get autographs.
Meanwhile in an interview with Hot Secrets, Anthony said he is a Wangari Maathai fan. He admitted that she was one of the topics he looked up before coming to Kenya. He and his band also managed to sample part of Kenya’s nightlife. “ I loved listening to the music, like we went to this club that played some really nice reggae music, Kenyan and Tanzanian music. That was fun.”
The show was sponsored by KCB Advantage and Capital FM.

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