Tuesday, 17 May 2011


The Sawa Sawa week-end concerts will be staged at the Carnivore Grounds on Saturday 28, May in the evening and Sunday 29, May during the day. Sawa Sawa will feature the ‘main’ concert stage, a (cultural) vending area, food and beverage area, an info market and child activities. The lineup and programming will be (as much as possible) focused on female talent and will be done in such a way that it will cut across audiences of different communities, age, gender, economies and cultures.
On Saturday evening the programming will be geared towards the youth and on Sunday day families will be our focus.
For the lineup Sawa Sawa has booked Congolese maestro Fally Ipupa and Kenyan gospel sensation Daddy Owen and Kenyan poet Wanjiku Mwaura for the Saturday evening. Sauti Sol will headline the Sunday day concert next to The Villagers, Maia, Camp Mulla and a collective of young upcoming female vocalists of Kenya including Neema, Dela, Fenna, Muthoni-Drummer queen, Susan of Gogo Simo ,Rachel and Amelina of TPF, who only came together for this occasion. During both days the Sarakasi All Stars (dancers and acrobats) will be at hand to spice up the festival.