Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Famed and respected film director Bob Nyanja will tomorrow screen his controversial movie that implicates top government officials in murder and conspiracy. The Rugged Priest that is modelled after the life of American Millhill preist Father John Kaiser and his death ten years ago.
Family members of the late JM Kariuki - who was also killed under very clandestine circumstances - will be attending the premiere on March 3 at the NuMetro Theater at Prestige Plaza from 6pm.

The movie synopsis reads: "When violence breaks out in the heart of the Rift Valley, Kenya, an American Catholic priest goes out of his way to shelter and cater for the displaced knowing very well that the clashes are politically instigated. This puts him on a collision path with the powers that be and for being a thorn in the flesh he is transferred to a faraway diocese in Maasai Land.
But even in the remote new posting, the powerful are still riding roughshod over the poor, weak and defenceless. At great personal cost the fearless Rugged Priest, takes on the high and mighty in a fight for justice for his people. With only a rosary, an old rifle and an adopted son who is falling off his priestly calling. How far can the old white priest go?"
Here is the trailer...