Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Jamaican bad gyal Ce'Cile will be in Nairobi tonight at 8pm. She jets in together with Christopher Martin for Saturday's Jam-down concert at the Carnivore.
The diva famed for Waiting and Anything promises, “a great show, but I always wanna be myself, I want the people to feel the real Ce'Cile and the real Jamaican vibe, along with the Bad Gyal and the niceness and the real love I feel for the fans in Kenya.”
So does she know any Kenyan songs or artistes? “No, but I’m doing my research. I’m also trying to learn a lil' Swahili, its very hard, very, very hard.”
Anyhow, Ce'Cile is on Wyre's have remix of She Seh Dat and we hope to see them both on stage performing it.
Ce’Cile will be sharing the stage with Chris Martin who's songs include amongst others, Paper Loving, Real Friends, Melody to My Song, Come Where You Going and Journey of Love.
Tickets go for Sh1000 and Sh3000 VIP.