Monday, 20 December 2010


The Sevens Team who have been ambassadors for the Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC), a unit in the Nairobi Women’s Hospital since 2009. Have renewed their commitment for the cause, to create awareness about gender-based violence and to promote the message of positive masculinity.
They were part of the annual Safaricom Foundation GVRC, fundraising dinner last month. Themed A Million Fathers And Daughters – loving, caring and protecting women and girls against violence, rugby dads, Benjamin Ayimba, Humphrey Kayange and Dennis Mwanja say suporting the cause comes from the numerous media reports on gender violence that are now been viewed as “normal occurrences.”

“I’m creating awareness knowing that I want this to change to facilitate for a better future for my daughter,” Dennis said. While Ayimba added, “Since rugby players are viewed as macho and for that reason we want to appeal to the men to be more gentle on how they handle their women and spouses.”
The team visited the centre and met with survivors and developed a documentary that is used to create awareness about their role.
The proceeds from the dinner went towards supporting the treatment and care of survivors of gender-based violence in the country.