Thursday, 14 October 2010


Controversial singer Valerie Kimani is back to the music scene and right back into the limelight. Valerie spoke to Hot Secrets about her hiatus, getting her baby boy and loosing friends.
“I'm getting back on my feet, keeping my head up. I tell you growing up can sometimes can be very painful and embarrassing but I'm taking it all in stride. I'm thankful to my family and my fans who have stood by me and allowed me the grace to be human,” she said.
Valerie was the talk of the town when she became pregnant with her first-born child and the identity of the kid’s father was still clandestine.
“His name is Zion. He's so adorable. He's 2 months now and already holding his head up and smiling at the faces he recognises. I almost lost him at birth that's why I named him Zion, the apple of God's eye. He's my little miracle. I also gave him my father's name Kimani in honour of my dad who is the most honourable man I know.”

Life for her has not been smooth sailing and the only friend who stuck by her side was Karen Lucas a.k.a Kaz. “During this period I unfortunately lost some friends but then I also gained some very valuable friendships. And Karen is one of the many who stood by me from the very beginning. Having had to overcome some painful experiences herself and simply refusing to give up, she felt like it was the perfect place for me to begin my own comeback and encouraged me to do so. Getting back on stage doing what I love to do is the only way I can say thank you to all those who appreciate what I do.”

Her comeback was at Kaz’s farewell party at the Tribe. “I was a little nervous and a bit emotional. It's been almost a year since I stepped on stage and I have to be honest with you at some point I didn't think I would be strong enough to get back. My parents were there to support me and some people in the audience later told me that as I sang they had tears in their eyes as well. It's like all my songs had new meaning. It was beautiful. I later got on stage with Sauti Sol, which was a blast!
So, What should we expect from you as Valerie the artiste and actress? “I'm looking forward to performing at this month's edition of The Stage alongside my (s)hero Suzanna Owiyo and at the beginning of next month at the October edition of A Singer, an Artist and a Poet. I'm also preparing to shoot another music video as we speak. My sophomore album is also in the works. I'm concentrating on this while flirting with the idea of getting back on the theatrical stage later in the year, who knows.”
Her parting shot was to inform her fans, she can be reached on her Twitter and Facebook accounts “to catch up”.