Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Kenyan Opera singer, Rhoda Ondeng now based in Norway will be in Nairobi for the second Safaricom Kenyan Classical Fusion Concert.
Rhoda describes the classical event not only as a wonderful opportunity to share her love for music, but to inspire younger musically talented individuals and encourage a growing well informed audience who will in turn, support the development of the artistic potential of young musicians.
Toward this end, Rhoda currently conducts vocal seminars in Nairobi at least twice a year, for people who want to develop their voices.
She said, “I have a further vision; to be able to catch the talents that would otherwise be lost in the ghettos and slums, for want of timely and constructive help.”
Rhoda has had an impressive cooperation with many classical symphony orchestras and musicians in Europe and particularly Scandinavia. The singer performed at the inaugural award ceremony for Honorable Wangari Maaathai at the Nobel Peace Prize award in 2004. As recently as February, the Kenyan born soprano was honored yet again to sing at the closing ceremony of the annual National Presidential Prayer breakfast in Washington.
She is going to perform at the Nairobi Arboretum with the Soweto String Quartet and on September 26 at the Impala Club Grounds, Ngong Road for the grand concert.