Tuesday, 14 September 2010


It made news in America when a number of college going girls decided to sell their chastity for fees. Now, it’s happening in Kenya. A girl only identifying herself as Sheila Baibe is putting her virginity on sell to pay her university fees
Sheila, is offering a weekend of sex to the highest bidder, it is still unclear if the announcement is a publicity stunt or not. On her blog posted September 4, the 20-year-old writes: “Unfortunately, am (sic) on the verge of dropping out of college for lack of tuition fees. After intensive soul searching (and with full awareness of the possible implications), I've decided to auction my virginity to meet my college costs. I'll offer my innocence to the highest bidder as long as all safety aspects are observed, and that the act will be performed at a Nairobi hotel, preferably The Tribe.”
The bid for her for innocence ends this Friday.