Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Ivory Coast balafon player Aly Keïta will be in Nairobi to showcase his mastery in the instrument.
Aly is a genius when it comes to the balafon, the African version of a Xylophone made from wood rather than steel.
From an early age, he was initiated in the playing of this musical ancestor of the xylophone and the marimba, by his father, himself a balafon player.
“I want my music to be alive and energetic, full of hope and love, music through which the public and I can share our joy,” said Aly.
He recently published his first solo album Akwaba Inisene, which skyrocketed immediately to the Top 20 European World Music Charts. Akwaba Inisene means, “Welcome to Africa” and the album pays tribute to both his home countries, Mali and Ivory Coast. Check him out at the Alliance Francaise on September 17.