Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Former Big Brother Africa housemate Teddy Muthusi has stepped up to the plate to ensure this year’s Kenyan representative brings home the $200,000.
Teddy told Hot Secrets, “As our Kenyan girl Sheila Kwnboka continues to fly the Kenyan flag high, I think Kenyans could back her up with some clever voting strategies.”
His theory is simple. “Keep the weak ones in, get the strong ones out.”
This week Sheila is head of house.
On Tuesday, Biggie challenged the housemates to audition for a science fiction movie called “Supermodels from Mars”. The housemates will be required to stretch their imagination, exercise their creativity and have some ‘out of this world’ fun.
Each housemate is expected to design and make an ‘Outrageous Outfit from Outer Space’ and create a character for themselves and a way of acting and speaking, for the audition. The Barnmates will also be competing in this task.

After Head of House Sheila read out the task to the housemates twice, they decided to wager 100 percent on their success. A few dissenting voices were heard, asking to wager 75% instead, but Tatiana reminded them that they had done very well in last week’s Eggstravaganza task, so this week’s would be easy. When Sheila claimed that the majority of housemates had agreed on the 100% wager, Big Brother questioned her about the dissenters. Sheila explained that 7 of the housemates had wanted to wager 100%, while 4 wished to reduce the wager to 75%.

Big Brother told her to go back and read the task to the housemates again to make sure that everyone understood what was expected of them. After carefully checking everything again, all of the housemates concluded that a 100% wager was the way to go.
23 days down and 68 to go.
Keep voting. This week, Munya and Tatiana are up for eviction – and it’s up to you to keep your favourite housemate in the game.