Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Tanzanian rapper Mzungu Kichaa started his European tour on July 30 and had planned to have rapper Juma Nature on board.
However,according to a press release, due to Nature not keeping to agreements of rehearsal and practice concerts in Dar es Salaam, he had to be cut out of the tour.
“Nature is a good friend, and I personally think that he is one of the most talented artists we have in Tanzania. So I am very disappointed that he threw this great opportunity away. To me it is a sign that he is not taking his music seriously. I hope we can make it work next time, if not with him, then with another Tanzanian artiste”.

Mzungu Kichaa will be a judge on this year’s Bongo Star Search. Unfortunately he will not be able to attend all the auditions as he will be in Europe during the shoots. However he will attend the Arusha auditions before the tour and after his return will be part of the studio sessions which won’t be shot until October this year.

Here are the tour dates:-

Friday 30 July, 8pm UTAMADUNI LEJR, Djursland, DK
Saturday 31 July, 00.00 Hesbjerg, Fyn, DK
Saturday 7th August, 17:00 Skanderborg Festival, P3 scenen, DK
Saturday 7th August, 20:00 Skanderborg Festival, Toemmerflaaden
Tuesday 10th August, TBC, Berlin, DE
Saturday 14 August, 21.00, Vestergade 58, Århus, DK
Wednesday 18 August, 21.00 tbc, Århus, DK
Friday 20 August, 20.00, Marius Ø, Skanderborg, DK
Friday 20 August, 00.00, Party Harlev, Aarhus, DK
Saturday 21 August 14.00, Woodstock, Christiania, Copenhagen, DK
Saturday 21 August, 19.30 Klaverfabrikken, Copenhagen, DK
Sunday 22 August, 12.30 Fairtrade Festival, Fælled Parken, Copenhagen, DK