Friday, 13 August 2010


On Saturday August, the 12 finalists for the Miss World Kenya beauty pageant competition will be rolling up their sleeves, to wash off jiggers in Gatundu.
This will be part of the ongoing training and orientation for the beauties that are in the running for the crown. Tracy Ombajo, one if the judges for the competition told Hot Secrets, “This is part of the Beauty With A Purpose segment and at the end of it all they will learn what goes into supporting such a cause, how to fundraise for a cause and overall come away with the experiences gained from a worth cause such as the anti jigger campaign.”
Dr Stanley Kamau the founder of Ahadi Trust termed the visit by the beauty queens as milestone. “The campaign is been embraced by everyone and now more than ever, everyone wants to be identified with the cause.
"This will help us create more awareness. I would like to state that people should remove the notion the anti jigger fight is a Ahadi Trust thing, even the ladies who won’t win can still use the experience gained to fundraise and help eradicate the menace. The campaign is for everyone not only for me, Cecilia Mwangi and Jalango.”