Thursday, 12 August 2010


Kenyan rapper based in Germany K-Nel will be the host for an Al Jazeera TV documentary that features the lives of Africans in Europe. The documentary called Suprising Europe uses the soundtrack by the same name from the rapper.
The pilot for the 7-part series will started airing Thursday August 11, 2010 for the international viewers on DUTCH TV and will later be distributed in Africa.
The documentary addresses an African audience who need to be informed about what life is really like in Europe. It does this through candid and in-depth interviews with legal and illegal immigrants.

Hot Secrets
got an exclusive peek at the first episode that follows the adventures of a Ugandan migrant named Ssuuna a successful photojournalist in Uganda who left his career for greener pastures in Amsterdam. He ends up looking for any job and ends up a housekeeper.
Others include a Ghanaian who lives on the streets and begs money to buy food but will never go home to his family – nor do they know that he is destitute. The series also addresses the rampant racism against immigrants and interracial dating.
It brings out the deeper human side of immigration and clearly sends out a message that Europe is ‘not the paradise it is painted out to be’, as one immigrant put it.