Friday, 23 July 2010


Even with ‘patriotic’ calls to have Sheila Kwamboka home in time for the August 4 referendum on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, hardcore supporters are sticking up for Kenya’s rep in the Big Brother All Stars season.
So far, two of Sheila’s bosom buddies Capital FM’s Laura Walubengo and Kiss TV’s DNG have declared their unwavering support, now, former BBA contestant Teddy Muthusi has joined the wagon. “I am behind Sheila all the way in spirit and in vote. More people should get behind ‘Team Sheila’. Hands down she stands a really good chance,” Teddy told Hot Secrets.
“Kenyans sometimes get too good at talking the talk and not walking the walk, while guys from countries like Nigeria and South Africa vote like crazy. We should also stop being pretenders and stop negativities on Sheila’s sexuality or drinking. Sometimes we like acting holier than thou. ‘Ye without sin, cast the first stone’ People should remember BBA is rated 18, I love her all, this is me na uta do? I mean, Africa loves her as it is,” he said.
Adding that if you find sending an SMS too expensive which it actually is not, there is an option of voting for Sheila on the Big Brother All Star website.
“If they feel voting is too much work, then keep sending messages that scroll on the bottom of screen. This will create a psychological effect all over Africa and get more peeps on the 'Sheila Wagon',” Teddy concluded.