Friday, 23 July 2010


After the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria last week, the officials behind the gripping three-part drama, Shuga gave it a new lease of life.
On Tuesday, July 20, a panel of MTV, Pepfar and Unicef officials heard that in Kenya, where the three part series was filmed, an astounding 64% of young people 15-24 were aware of the campaign and 60% saw it and remembered it.
This lead to increased intentions to take an HIV test decreased intentions to be in a concurrent relationship and increased positive attitudes relating to HIV stigma. More importantly, over 90% of the young people in Kenya viewer group said the show had an effect on their thinking.
What could the big shots do but declare that a sequel to Shuga be shot. Also at the conference were two of the actors in the MTV dara series, Lupita Nyongo and Nicholas Mutuma, both of whom played lead roles as Ayira and Leo respectively.

Shuga is a no hold bared drama about the lives of a group of students in Nairobi featuring their of sex, ambition, hopes and fears; will see it given a new life line.
However with the return of Shuga 2, will see some actors dropped as their characters die and others take on a new lease of life.