Wednesday, 28 July 2010


The organisers of last weekend’s rap battle between rappers Abbas and Chiwawa have held on to the prize money after complains emerges.
Chiwawa claims that Abbas memorized previously written lyrics during the rap battle at the Carnivore and did not get them off the top of his head.
Brian Okemo told Hot Secrets that the rap battle spoils amounting to Sh200,000 prize won’t be given to Abbas after Chiwawa complained.
“Abbas won by crowd decision. We saw it fit to first investigate the claims by Chiwawa before handing over the money. We can’t ignore the allegations,” Brian said. “The tempers are high, I’m not sue there will be another rap battle.”
The organisers are trying to establish if indeed Abbas used the lines fro some of his songs like Chapaa, and Get Down.
The reason for the beef between Chiwawa and Abbas is yet to be established by Brian stressed that it’s a “profession and not personal reason,” as reported in the media.