Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Self proclaimed crown prince of Benga Dan 'Chizi' Aceda is toying with the idea of mastering his upcoming album abroad.
Chizi has been in communication with Dave Kush, a man famous for working with John Legend, Alicia Keys, Outkast and Al Green amongst many others. Dave is the Engineer at The Mastering Palace.
Chizi meet him when he was in New York, on tour with Mo Faya the political musical that starred Eric Wainaina and Valerie Kimani.
“I spent a lot of time roaming around trying to understand how the industry there works. I managed to make some really good contacts. I managed to get a demo to Dave Kush and after he reviewed it he sent me an email saying he would be open to mastering my upcoming album,” Chizi said.
However, The Blackberry singer is considering another studio, Hilton Grove Mastering, a UK based studio run by engineer Dave Blackman. “I have not made the decision yet on who will work on the album because I haven’t yet finished recording but I am certain that this record will be mastered by the best that I can find,” Chizi said, “It goes without saying that either of these options is very expensive but I am keen on making the investments so that I can get a good quality product out for my fans who have been waiting a very very long time for this record to come out.”