Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Afro fusion diva Mercy Myra who relocated to America with hubby Attitude did not give up on
her career as an entertainer and singer.Attitude who was in the country revealed how Mercy is
doing musically and how she managed to get a one album deal with Joi Studios, owned by the twin RnB brothers Jagged Edge.
“Mercy did a showcase in one of the concerts in Atlanta, where the mother of the Jagged Edge twins was. When she saw Mercy’s performance she was impressed and she offered her a contract,” Attitude said. However the well laid out plans for a recording deal with 981 music did not pan. “The paper work involved did not work out there company is 981 Music but the contract did not work out with Mercy so what happened was that they will be recording a one album deal in the studio called Joi recordings in Decatur, Georgia."
JOI Studio is the premier recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia where Jagged Edge and a host of other artist record what is popularly known as commercial songs - songs that enjoy a lot of radio airplay. The studios has recorded big names like Akon, Nas, Keisha Cole, Trey Songs,
Pimp C
, and Jagged Edge just to name a few.