Thursday, 4 March 2010


Yesterday, former TV news anchor Esther Arunga claimed that she got married to musician Quincy Timberlake – who is currently in police custody - on Wednesday (March 3) at a civil ceremony.
''I am so much in love with Quincy and that’s why I have officially married him, to stop the speculation,'' she told members of the fourth estate who had assembled at Jazz player Joseph Hellon home in Runda.
“I have a certificate of marriage, I’m now Esther Adongo Timberlake.” Esther said. “Just because someone is in jail doesn’t mean you can’t get married,” she said smiling coyly.
Quincy who is now facing charges of absconding court proceedings of a criminal case pending at Makadara law courts has a wife Salome Gideon with whom he has been married to for 11 years and have two sons together. Asked about this and whether she has just wed one of Quincy’s many aliases, Esther responded, “I can’t answer what if’s. That I will leave to you to investigate all I know is that I married Quincy Timberlake.”
Esther who was talking with a noticeable lisp narrated her ordeal after the February 21 arrest when police raided Hellon's house at 2am and arrested the two and other followers of the controversial Finger of God ministry International.
The saxophonist was being held at the Gigiri Police station while Esther was locked up at the Muthaiga police station until 3pm the following day, when she was moved to the CID headquarters on Kiambu road.
She was then released to Dr Frank Njenga custody on a psychiatric evaluation bond. Esther described her five-day experience as “harrowing”.
“I was interrogated and released to Dr Frank Njenga and I was found not medically insane,” she explained but was pained by Njenga’s decision to admit her in his hospital located in Msongari.
“I was heavily sedated, there was a time I wanted to escape and about five people had to hold me down, trap me and forcefully sedate me. That is the kind sedative given to mentally insane patients.
“Once I tried to escape by jumping over an electric fence, luckily they caught me before I could. I was then heavily sedated for two days I was almost comatose.”
Esther continued to explain that she was later transferred to another mental hospital in Chiromo where she was locked up and the only people who could visit where her family members only and she was not allowed the use of phones either.
She was later released to the care of the family, on Monday. But on Tuesday when the parents left her home alone with the domestic help, Esther saw the opportunity to make a clean break. With the help of a well wisher, she hitch hiked and was taken to her lawyer Harun Ndubi.
“I escaped and I don’t plan to go back (home), I’m a married woman now,” She said with finality.

CAPTION: Esther Arunga, Vineyard Hellon and Big Kev's wife Tracy

Yesterday afternoon, with the help of Ndubi, Esther filled a restriction order against her parents Robert Okello Arunga and Petroline Amollo Arunga and the police.
“They cannot arrest me on the basis of where I worship and where I chose to live,” adding, “I’m planning to sue Dr Frank Njenga to the tune of 300 million for unlawful detention and sedation as well as other civil and criminal charges and unfortunately my parents too because they were working on their instruction.”
As a parting shot Esther responded to questions o if she is truly herself. “The way things are happening it is not a form of abnormality. The Esther you saw reading news is not the same one who is now running for office. The one you see now is the full on Esther.”
Meanwhile, the officer in charge of the Industrial remand Prison Pauline Wanja said there was no way the two could have been married in prison because weddings were not allowed in remand prison.
“Quincy is still here and to the best of my knowledge no wedding ceremony has taken place here. In any case such ceremonies are not allowed,” said Wanja.
Esther and Hellon have visited Quincy several times with the latest visit being yesterday.