Thursday, 25 February 2010


Joseph Hellon the jail bird jazz player was on K24 spewing Bible verses and defaming a number of people.
First up was Big Kev whom he says is on his death bed. According to Hellon, Kev's head is filling with blood and is on the verge of dying. Apparently, Big Kev called him on a private line and confessed that he was out to destroy him and that he is sorry.
The saxophonist denied Quincy Timberlake - the dude he endorsed to marry Former KTV news anchor Esther Arunga - has a wife. He claims Quincy's wife, Salome Gideon has been paid to pose as such. Shaking my head.
Another weird statement from the founder of Finger Of God church involved US televangelist Benny Hinn's pending divorce case.
Hellon said with certainty that Suzanne Hinn is planing to come and sue Kenyan media for publishing her divorce story. Hello, unless it's a grand conspiracy, Benny will be a divorcee sooner that Hellon can come up with a manifesto for his 2012 presidential bid.
Just as Jeff Koinange, kept asking Hellon if he is a raving lunatic, Hellon went ahead to say that come 2012, he will be firmly in State House ready to rule Kenya as the president alongside Quincy the as PM and Esther as VP *muffled sniffles* reality TV has never been this good and that he will finance his campaign solo. Thanks to the Pepsi Cola deal coming his way and the December Euro Jazz tour.
Driving an even deeper knife into the strained relationship he has with Esther's parents he said that Esters parents are 'making up for their past mistakes'.
Jesus take the wheel...