Saturday, 27 February 2010


Television personality Esther Arunga is with her family and undergoing counselling by a well known city pschiatrist, the Star established yesterday.
Family sources who declined to be quoted said: “She is with her family and she is safe.”
They disclosed that Esther visited a city hospital for a check-up after her ordeal in the police station and was immediately released into the custody of her family. The sources said that since her return home, “Esther had changed her attitude” but did not give any further details.
Human rights lawyer Harun Ndubi, who rushed to the aid of Esther, jazz musician and self-confessed leader of the Finger of God church Joseph Hellon, little known music promoter Quincy Timberlake and five other church members when they were arrested had been in contact with Esther.
“I expected to see her in court on Monday together with the others. The last time l was with her was when she recording a statement at the CID headquarters. Since then I have been trying to get a hold of her. The last time I tried to call was Wednesday,” he said.
He said her parents were no longer asking questions about their daughter’s absence anymore. “This may be a broad scheme to which we are all unwitting players to disrupt the activities of The Finger Of God church. This is a case of powerful people using the police in Machiavellian ways and the police agreeing to be used,” he said.
He said the family should seek other means of helping their daughter. “Assuming she needed psychiatric attention, the family would have sought it through the judiciary instead of doing it at the cost of an individual’s freedom.”
Ndubi said it was ‘curious’ that the head of investigation in the serious offences Unit had been assigned to investigate what was a “non-crime.”