Wednesday, 20 January 2010


There is a new celebrity couple in town, the gorgeous Habida and International DJ and corporate honcho DJ Yush. The two will be joining the mummy and daddy club come June.
The four-month pregnant Habida explained why she made the decision to go public on her pregnancy was to reduce the pressure and speculation.
“There is a lot of pressure of telling everyone more so because I’m in the limelight. Like everyone else, I have always had a dream of being a mum and starting a family,” she said.
Asked if her adoring fans - who are predominantly male - would change the way they view her, not as a hot babe on stage but someone’s mum and fiancĂ©. Habida who is popular for her hit song Sunshine that features Nameless said, “Nothing has changed but I hope my fans still look at me first as a human being.
“I’m still on track with my career in the music industry. The pregnancy will not change the timing of my debut album which was due out in, though I admit I can’t do as many shows as I would have liked.”
So when is the wedding, we shamelessly asked. “That will ”
Habida who is promoting her latest single Kesho joins two other soon to be celebrity mums KTN’s Lillian Muli and singer Valerie Kimani.